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Hello, This is Homes Beast, and we write about home improvement and office products. You can find here on our blog anything that is related to office and home products, Chairs, Gaming Chairs, Massage Chairs, Desks, Sofas, Beds & anything related to home improvement products!

We take our work seriously, and before putting up new content, we make sure the information we shared is genuine, real, and up to date. We are a small team, we try to do our best.

We are not perfect:) we make mistakes but we’re here always to give you better and updated content. If you see an error on this site, please let us know so we can work on fixing it. We also encourage you to leave comments about relevant or related topics, use the comment section below each article.

Our Team:

Thomas Alex


Thomas Alex is a tech geek & IT expert, I’ve spent more time than I care to remember sitting in uncomfortable office chairs. Hunched over my keyboard for countless hours, I’ve experienced the nagging aches and pains that come with poor posture, flimsy chair support, and awkward desk setups.

Thankfully, I’ve also learned there’s no need to suffer through that day. Therefore I’ve tried to find the best chairs and products for my office and home. From that day I’m testifying new products and providing detailed reviews of the products. You can select the best products according to your needs.

Our Goal:

In our reviews, we aim to cover the best office chairs, gaming chairs, massage chairs, desks, and home improvement products for people looking for the best products. We test the best chairs from Amazon, and after selecting a few, our professional reviewers write unbiased reviews on them so we can provide you with the best products. This way you can select the best product for yourself and your family!