Are Fabric Gaming Chairs Worth It? – [Complete Detailed Info]

There are many gaming chairs and in different materials: fabric, leather, or imitation leather. Today we will tell you what characteristics each one of them has and if fabric gaming chairs are worth it.

There are many finishing options in gaming chairs. There are leather, synthetic material, and different types of fabric. Choosing the chair model you want can become a real headache. Because in addition to all the functions that it must have, its padding, and materials, you will also have to choose between different upholsteries.

And it is that when buying gaming chairs aspects such as stability, design, comfort, and adjustability are important. But you should not forget to think about which upholstery material to choose. Today we explain the differences so that you can more easily choose which is the best option for you.

Do You Prefer A Leather, Faux Leather, Or Fabric Gaming Chair?

The upholstery material is really important. It is what will be in contact with us all the time we spend playing. So we must think carefully about what to choose. Or maybe we end up sweating every time we spend long periods in the chair. And there are different kinds of upholstery on the market but the most used are leather (genuine or synthetic) and fabric.

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Characteristics Of Faux Leather Chairs:

Too Hot:

Faux leather or leatherette gaming chairs are too hot. And this can make you sweat a little more than necessary, to the point of being uncomfortable. This is the main reason why some people do not like this material. Synthetic leather doesn’t really breathe. so some players sweat sitting on a chair.

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This can make them feel annoyed while playing. But in the end, it depends on how much you sweat. Some people tend to sweat a lot more than others, so you have to decide how important this aspect is to you. If you are usually a hot person or not. If you tend to get hot right away, this type of material will not be the most recommended for you.

Nearly Immune To Stains:

One advantage of faux leather is that you won’t have big problems if you stain your PC gaming chair. It is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new.


This is pretty much a match between the faux leather gaming chair and the cloth model. Over time the abrasion leads to damaged material. In this case, imitation leather is very durable, but small tears can start to appear over time. However, this happens very slowly if we are careful.

Characteristics Of Leather Chairs:


Genuine leather chairs do not give as much heat as synthetic ones. Well, they are breathable, but not as much as a cloth one, so they can give off some heat in summer. They are also somewhat cold when sitting in winter. Although later they adapt to our temperature and are warm.


Leather is one of the most appreciated materials for its comfort. Its touch is very pleasant and comfortable.

Beware Of Spots:

Depending on the type of skin they can be stained, especially if they are light. Although they have treatment to protect them, we must be careful with products that can discolor them. Or also if they are light they can get stained with very dark jeans.

Durability Premium:

Leather chairs are extremely durable. We must take care of them by applying hydration. Since over time they can become too dry and small wrinkles will appear, as happens with our skin. But this is part of your aging process, so slightly faded skin is a demonstration that it is real skin. And that it has stood the test of time well.

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Characteristics Of Fabric Gaming Chairs:

Is a fabric gaming chair the best option? Most would go for fabric chairs just to get rid of the problem of sweat. Since it is a very uncomfortable feature, which detracts from the player’s performance

There Is No Problem With Sweat:

The fabric is more breathable. Any type of fabric is more breathable, but especially mesh ones are designed not to give off heat. Being much more comfortable in summer. And they are not cold either since they maintain room temperature better.

Beware Of Stains:

Stains are much more likely to affect fabric gaming chairs. If you usually have stain problems on your chair, this is a factor to take into account. But there are also ways to clean them with special products or with soap and water, depending on the type of stain.


Fabric gaming chairs are by no means everlasting. The material fades over time, the color bleaches, and the fibers begin to stand out. Again, this may sound like a horror scenario, but in reality, this will only happen after decades. The fabrics are tested for many cycles to see their resistance. Look at the durability that they indicate, because if it is an important issue for you, you can look for one that can withstand more cycles.

Other Things To Consider In Fabric Or Leather Gaming Chairs:

When you have chosen the material of the gaming chair you are looking for, you must also take into account a whole series of characteristics. These are the things you need to consider before making that final purchase.

Gaming Chair


The great detail. How much are you willing to spend on a gaming chair? For a high-quality chair of the professional gamer type, we are talking about prices that can reach up to 800 or 1000 euros, if they are made of leather. While the highest quality fabric gaming chairs will be somewhat cheaper. This may be out of the question for many players. There are cheaper options available, of course. There is an intermediate level that also offers a lot of quality at a reasonable price. But we will not be talking about the same quality when you are in the low-price market. So we have to assume that their durability will be much better and they will not offer us the same adjustability or adaptation benefits.


How do you plan to use your chair? You will have to decide if it will be purely for gaming, or if it will also be an office chair. Does it need to fit in with your living room design or is it going in your own game room? Not all chairs translate well to other areas of life. So make sure you decide on this early on.


One of the great benefits of using an ergonomic gaming chair is that it can help improve your posture. So while you’re sitting down playing for long periods of time your back will be protected. They are specifically designed with that in mind. Built-in lumbar support helps you avoid ending up with a sore back. The headrest keeps the spine aligned. And the armrests distribute the weight of the body so as not to overload certain areas. Make sure that your chair meets the ergonomic requirements to avoid surprises later.


It may not sound like much, but being comfortable while spending long hours in front of a computer can make a world of difference. If you don’t focus on that back pain, then you can focus more on your games. And really enjoy that time just for you.

Long-Term Effects:

Sitting in a poorly constructed chair for hours on end can leave a more lasting effect on your body. You may find that you can spend less and less time playing the game due to your settings. You can develop back and neck problems. And start to dread another long gaming session in your standard office chair. Obviously, this will also start to have an impact on your gameplay over time.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of gaming chair you choose. What you want is good ergonomics, not having a problem with sweat, and ultimately being comfortable wearing it every day. Considering that poor posture can trigger more serious health problems down the road, choosing the right chair is crucial. If you choose fabric gaming chairs, check that it is really ergonomic. A chair with customizable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, tilt and height levers, and a movable headrest. All this will make the difference to get many hours of fun.

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