Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs With Footrest – [Buying Guide 2023]


A gaming chair with a leg rest ensures much more comfort than a standard gaming chair. This is due to its footrest. A footrest allows you to take a quick nap, use your mobile while lying, etc. Some other amazing features like the padded armrest, soft leather material, and strong frame of a gaming chair make it more comfortable and reliable. 

We have a list of some of the best console, computer, and video gaming chairs with footrests to assist you in choosing the correct chair.

Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs With Footrests In 2023

1. Best Office High-back Gaming Chair:

Best Office High-back Gaming Chair

The first best cheap gaming chair with a footrest is the Best Office High-back Computer Gaming Chair is a decent option if you have a budget of $100 below. The whole chair has a high-performance PU leather cover and is an entirely comfortable fit with adjustable headrests and a lumbar pillow.

The chair can also be positioned between 90 and 155 degrees to balance the body as best suits you. It is approved for BIFIMA Consistency, holds the backup, and calms pressures and soreness. The 360-degree swivel and fluid rubber, which help mobility, are an addition to this budget chair.

The BestOffice gaming chair with leg rest has its drawbacks, as you’d imagine from most budget items. The target weight is 250 lbs and significantly lower than that given by rivals. At 45.1 pounds, it is also a little weighty. If you can make the call, though, it almost always will be the Jackpot of the BestOffice gaming chair.

  • 36-degree swivel and fast-rolling caster.
  • Good for the budget
  • Headrest and lower pillow are adjustable
  • A respiratory PU leather that keeps you cool for a long hour and is very soft
  • The maximum inclination is 155°C

2. ELECWISH Ergonomic Gaming Chair:

ELECWISH Ergonomic Gaming Chair

It is important to check the full weight capacity before purchasing whether you are large or entertaining visitors in that group. It can carry up to 330 lbs in weight, making this suitable for large-build consumers. ELECWISH ergonomic gaming chair. The whole body is coated in soft, scratch-resistant PU leather. This footstool will lay down between 90 and 170 degrees to ensure optimum comfort. We may modify both bracelets, lumbar cushions, and pillows of the headrest.

The comfortable, adjustable neck pillow made of cotton and an extra-supported coated back is built so that the lumbar support (spine 3&4) is held at a supplementary angle with a parallel armrest, extending the entire body pressure and allowing extended hours to slide comfortably.

The 5-star base is foldable, making it easy to transport. The padding is dense, and you can change the height to pick the most suitable position. ELECWISH is a slightly heavy ergonomically built video game chair at 51.1 pounds. However, We can blend this chair into the house, office, or anywhere you need it since it comes in 10 color variants.

  • Up to 330lbs is full weight
  • The whole body is coated with PU leather anti-scratch
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • Foldable for quick packing on the 5-star base.
  • Heavyweight can be tough to bear
  • Reclining is not more than 170°C

3. Dowinx Gaming Chair:

Dowinx Gaming Chair

The next best gaming chair with leg rest is the TOPSKY gaming chair. The first thing you’ll possibly note is its large lumbar cushion that provides maximum comfort. Most may claim to have a more ergonomic style. The pillow is flexible in both height and headrest. This gaming chair also encourages better ergonomics, and compliance with BIFMA requirements, with Pu leather and electroplate footers.

The narrow gap below the headrest would allow the air to flow easily and make sure you remain comfortable while you have hours of gaming. This game chair with a footrest can hold up to 300 lbs – but that is not it. This chair has a footrest.

This chair’s dense padded seat is built to keep it flat without putting weight on the thighs.

To allow you to lie down from 90 to 180 degrees, TOPSKY built these top-back gaming chairs making your work break quick. You can drive around quickly with its 360° pivoting and flat casters. The chair seems a little heavy at 44.1 pounds, and the price could be a challenge for those who have a limited budget. However, these seemingly can forget shortcomings if you consider the warmth and the advantages of your back.

  • A larger cushion for the lumbar
  • Height and headboard pillow adjustable
  • The armrest is fitted well
  • Up to 300 lbs gross weight
  • Settle down to 180° C.
  • Five robust, durable and competitive concept beavers
  • Small heavy that can hinder the use
  • Not full budget-friendly

4. Blue Whale Gaming Chair:

Blue Whale Gaming Chair

The Blue Whale Game Chair has many attributes. It is sturdy and large and can weigh up to 350 pounds. Moreover, We can change almost every aspect of the chair to ensure that you are comfortable. It has a rocking feature of 20 degrees.

The lumbar pillow also has a massage feature to prevent any sort of back pain — particularly for long-term residents. The manufacturer’s heavy-duty metal basis, high-density thicker sponge, and artificial PU leather make the chair breathable and skin comfortable.

The Blue Whale gameplay chair has excellent protection and comfort standards, including an international standard explosion-resistant gas spring.

The Blue Whale chair helps 360 slip and rolls flat, like the other best gaming chairs with footstool. You should rest it up to 175°C and feel like you are sitting on a bunk. This chair also feels heavy at 50 pounds, besides being a little expensive. However, suppliers compensate by providing a warranty lasting 24 months for faulty or faulty products. It’s a value-worthy throne.

  • A massage of lumbar pillow
  • Weight size up to 350 lbs
  • 24 months guarantee is mandatory from the producer
  • Nearly every component is adjusted and low costly
  • Closure capability is not as high as 180°
  • The handling will have a heavyweight

5. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair:

Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The fifth best gaming chair with a footrest is Homall’s ergonomic high-back gaming chair. It looks like a real car seat and will move you with a lot of excitement throughout the game. The 1.8 mm thick stainless steel frame consists of high-density forming foam responsible for its resilience. It is skin-friendly PU leather that is wear-resistant.

More so, you should place the footrest on your game, and accessories’ pedals, so you play like you are the engine. However, innovations such as the backrest’s capacity to sleep up to 180 degrees, 360 degrees of rolling, and smooth castors have given this chair a top spot on the best footrest game chairs.

Further, it has a revamped class 3 gas lift, which SGS certifies is a stable, durable gaming chair that can handle up to 330 lbs for big and wide users. We can vertically adjust the bracelet. You may also change or detach the headrest pillow and the lumbar pillow completely.

At last, even the heavy seat lining takes the hips further. The leaning, footstool games chair weighs 53 pounds, and while the price is mid-term, budget buyers can also be a concerned. You can also get a 12 monthly guarantee if you want this chair.

  • Good race car seat simulation
  • 1000 miles of silent rolling gum casters
  • Lay down to 180 degrees of the backrest
  • Roller smooth and 360 swivels for fast travel
  • Up to 33 lbs of gross weight
  • Lumbar and headrest pillows flexible
  • Big weights can be difficult to carry
  • Prices for budget buyers can still be a problem

6. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair:

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair is the most comfortable gaming chair with a footrest. All the features of this gaming chair are amazing and ensure comfort and reliability.

It is a racing chair that lets you play long games with no back pain. It has an adjustable lumbar cushion that provides lumbar support and another one that protects the neck. In contrast, the entire chair has an unlimited angle lock and tilt power of 155 degrees.

Although the headrest is flexible, the footrest can be extended. Besides, Respawn 110, both features are the best support for your gaming chair, with its convenient place in one take.

In addition to convenience, this leg-resting gaming chair is also sturdy and flexible, with a finished upholstery in bonded leather on a rigid steel frame with a shaped, sectional padding, and high back.

This durable aspect can withstand up to 275 lbs from the tube used as a framing material. You’re luxurious with the freedom to spin 360 degrees flexibly. With 24 kg, one of the lightweight footstool chairs is a Respawn 110 chair – the price is as low as any other. The style has nine color versions, longevity has a solid foundation, and the price is less than an ultra-wide display.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick to budget
  • Reclining, pivoting, and extending footstool guarantees optimum support
  • Maintain weight up to 275 pounds
  • Lumbar and pillow headrest adjustable
  • Very thin and quick to manage
  • Aid for devoted after sales members
  • Companions should calm down to 180 degrees
  • Customers argue about the short use of the armrest

7. Ficmax Racing Style Gaming Chair:

Ficmax Racing Style Gaming Chair

A chair mixing luxury and massage is a great advantage because of the wellness advantages it provides. A complimentary lumbar pillow operated by USB and doubled like a massager stands out from Ficmax’s reclining gaming chair. This chair has up to 300 pounds and is also a favorite for moderate and large people.

The material has a thick metal structure, PU leather, and 4.8″ thick memory foam, and is dirt-resistant to fading. It is engineered for longevity.

Ficmax’s ergonomic race styling games Chair features a wide variety of comforts, including a double-size armrest with a retractable foundation and a long seat coil. It will rotate from 90° to 180° to set your convenience. The pivoting capacity 360 is simple to combine with the caster wheels to allow you to travel. This chair could look like a load at a weight of 51 pounds. The price isn’t budget-friendly, either.

  • Free USB-enabled lumbar bracket doubles as a massager
  • PU leather is resistant to mud and brittle
  • Bring weight up to 300 pounds
  • The armrest is height-balanced in two dimensions
  • Higher weight will make it difficult to manage
  • Easily costly

8. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair:

GTPlayer gaming chair


As the key factor in comfort, the ergonomic GTPlayer gaming chair has a high-quality leather material that improves airworthiness and is also resistant to dirt, and ensures durability.

The chair has a metal frame that supports a solid base with smooth-rolling rollers. This game chair with a footrest is designed to imitate the racing chair. The lumbar and headrest cushion is flexible to shield the back and neck from damage.

You should lean the chair between 90 degrees and 175 degrees as you get sleepy and rest. The foundation is extra stable with five long-lasting ribs and 360 pivotal movement capacities. The smooth cushion texture avoids inflammation of the scalp.

You should both retract the footrest and the headrest to make the desk’s height fit as it returns. However, there is a range of disadvantages to the addition of a maximum weight of 250 lbs. The chair is also very pricey and at 44.1 pounds can be seen as heavy. However, for most users, it’s going to make a decent seat.

  • Made of dust and fade-resistant high-quality PU leather.
  • Adjustable cushion with padded seat and lumbar
  • The space below the headrest for airflow
  • Is available in different colors and easily costly
  • The power to recline is under 180°
  • Maintain a daily weight of 250 pounds

9. DXRacer Racing Series:

dxracer gaming chair.png

Often, what you need to believe is the manufacturer’s decent promise. On its frames, DXRacer is equipped with a lifetime warranty and a 24-month guarantee. A few producers can only match this chair.

In terms of protection and reliability, this game chair is approved by BIFMA, with a heavy gas lifter and a thickened frame of level 4. This footrest gamer chair provides four-direction bracelet changes to guarantee maximum support for your arms and shoulders. It is fitted with a vinyl leather design and a gas spring mechanism to change the height to fit the desk.

With a higher backrest in mind for your well-being, this chair will carry the whole column from the pelvis to the spine.

Like all the best leg-rest game chairs, the DXRacer features a leaning feature that helps you stop working. For prospective clients, the first efficiency of this chair is a major setback. This chair is also very heavy since it weighs 66 lbs and is all heavy made. One thing is obvious; however, if you choose a chair over the price tag, it should be a simple range.

  • Support weight up to 300 lbs
  • Lower residue
  • Design of proprietary race style
  • The strong foundation of aluminum
  • Adjustment with 4-way armrests
  • Quite strong and can impact handling
  • Not a chair of the budget

10. Furmax Gaming Chair:

Furmax Gaming Chair

Although most computer chairs, including footrests, can be used for height adjustment, the Furmax gaming chair makes using the pneumatic gas elevator system a simple process. The chair is also specifically built for tilt mechanisms to offer greater flexibility when the chair is tilted from 90° to 180°C.

You may still use the chair as a bed. A 5-star caster with 360 degrees of spinning capacity adds to your relaxation. Apart from convenience, this commodity has unrivaled longevity through dense padding and a tubular steel frame.

The backrest is higher in form, and this chair promises a substantially aligned spine and neck with an appropriate brace.

When rocking helps quiet down your nerves, you’re fortunate the Furmax gaming chair is rocked. We can also change the bracelet height. This chair’s weight is 310 lbs overall, which is much more than that of the standard chairs. This chair can be slightly heavy at 51.8 pounds. It’s not budget-friendly, as is the case. But you don’t want to miss this exotic gaming chair if you’re looking for luxury and flexibility.

  • Continuous rocking capability
  • Adjustment of height can be rendered easily
  • Support weight up to 310 lbs
  • Lying down can reach 180 degrees
  • Universal ribs avoid branding and rubbing
  • Heavy rather mildly
  • Not all-friendly on budget

Buying Guide To Buy the Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

Comfort would come first in choosing of a gaming chair before any other consideration. It’s attributed to the fact that players spend long hours on their benches.

Other considerations, including adjustability, overall weight power, lumbar, and headrest support, are therefore to be weighed. But how do you stack or impact these features? Continue to read all the responses.


Only if the chair is comfortable should you sit for long hours. Studies have also found that ergonomic furniture improves employers’ productivity — but We can apply this to players. Besides, hard chairs are likely to lead to back pain.

More so, this feature illustrates that when you pick a chair, you can never skimp on comfort. Reclining, sitting padding, height, and armrest adjustment are important considerations in deciding how comfortable the chair is.


Steel, leather or synthetic leather, plastic, vinyl, and polyurethane are also used to fabricate gaming seats (PU). PU is the most widely used material for leg rest gaming chairs.

Furthermore, it is due to its softness and solidity. The substance used will also impact the product’s total weight. However, some weather inclination is faster than others to wear some fabrics.

Aid For Lumbar:

This is one of the main features to be taken care of when considering your decision. Four of the chairs on our list of best footstool players have a double massage of their lumbar cushion. The lumbar support is constant or may be modified.

Also, for obvious reasons, the lumbar support flexibility is often better than the fixed stand — particularly when more than one person uses the chair.

The Maximum Weight Capacity:

The manufacturers still have details on their chair’s full weight. It is important to ensure that you bear your weight when you purchase a chair. The use of a chair below your weight will make them wear more quickly. To make a chair the best footrest gaming chair, it had to hold at least 250 pounds of weight. Even if reclined, chairs of higher weight appear to be more stable.

Reclining Feature:

Not all footstool chairs are equivalent. Some of them will lay down to 180°, others 155°C to 175°C. Strictly personal decisions are made for the recline stage.

However, make sure they have a locking system that maintains your reclining posture, whatever your preference. When leaned at a certain angle, some chairs have a rocking function.


When learning about shifts, height variations, and armrest adjustments is easy to recall. For height variations, various chairs are using various mechanisms.

Therefore, find a chair with an easy-to-understand mechanism. The number can be 2D or 4D when it comes to the armrest. The freedom to change the armrest is still preferable to fixed armrests.


The focus should not be on the price of the best gaming chair option with a foot stand. A few seats below $100, but providing fantastic luxury and a strong inclination.

However, paying a little extra to get a chair with a lower pillow, and double it as a massager might not be incorrect whenever you feel pain in your back.

Why Footrest Gaming Chair Is Important For Gamers?

A question may arise: Should I get a gaming chair with a footrest? Here is the answer. Gaming chairs with a footrest are valuable because they encourage players to play long, untiring gaming sessions. They provide the body of the gamer with stability and reliability. It’s quick to relax and concentrate on the game with a healthy and relaxed body.

However, A great gaming chair plays a big role in the life of gamers. The best gaming chair with a footrest comes up with some amazing features like a built-in massager that have improved the life of gamers. Gamers can do long-hour gaming sessions without getting tired, with the help of these marvelous features.

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