Top 7 Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 – [Reviews & Guide]

A massage is a perfect way to relax after a hectic day or an intense workout. You should experience a good massage if you suffer from tension, body pain, and anxiety. A good massage can improve your blood flow and improve your health. To solve your problem, we have the best massage chair under 1000.

How can spending money and time on spas be worthwhile? Rather we can buy a budget-friendly massage chair and have long-lasting massages at home. It is one of the best products for alleviating body stress.

If you are looking for a quick recommendation, you can buy the Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage ChairThe top choice on our list.

So, we have assembled a list of 7 models of massage chairs. Our experience suggests that these are worth purchasing. Let’s get started!

7 Top-Rated Best Massage Chairs Under 1000 Dollars

1. Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • Automatic zero gravity settings
  • It is lighter in weight
  • It is designed in an ergonomic style
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Dual built-in heaters on the feet and back
  • It is easy to clean
  • It comprises of extended footrest
  • Highly affordable

The Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair is our top pick because it’s inexpensive and has a unique design. You will receive an intense massage with a three-year warranty. Because of its unique features, this chair is worth purchasing. It has a zero-gravity mode.

Real Relax looks like a luxury recliner. It is also very comfortable to sit on. Featuring an excellent quality fabric, and is extremely durable. It is comfortable and has thick padding. This chair also serves the purpose of a reading chair or daybed. The chair comes up with a 400lbs weight capacity.

Furthermore, it is a full-body massage chair that helps adjust the degree of recline and rise of the leg rest. Flip-up armrests and dual heaters are present in it. This chair has a built-in timer, which can be adjusted for up to 30 minutes.

This is a full-body massager with airbags, a heater, and a vibrator to massage the neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs, and foot. It uses the techniques, i.e., rubbing and kneading as manual massages work. It is an ideal pressure massage chair in which 50 airbags are placed all over it.

Also, a built-in heater in the backrest helps in relieving the discomfort and pain of the body. The eight massage points help in blood circulation. Dual heaters present in it yields warmth all across the upper and lower back and on the feet.

In addition, it has an HD VFD display screen, which lets you customize the settings. The chair can recline up to 170 degrees, and the leg rest can be raised or lowered according to your need. This gives an intense massage that you will feel the rollers at the back.

Lastly, flip-up armrests provide access to airbags for wrist and hand massage. It has a docking remote that can be removed from the stand. It helps to indicate the settings and features on the chair’s display.

  • Four massage programs
  • Intense power rollers
  • Remote controlled
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is comfy
  • Large docking remote
  • At 300 pounds, the chair is difficult to move

2. BestMassage Massage Recliner Chair:

BestMassage Massage Recliner Chair


  • Sleep mode helps to stop the disturbance
  • Moveable footrests
  • Three modes of air pressure settings
  • A leather finish that is fire and water-resistant
  • In-built foot heaters 
  • Comprises of an OPTO scanner

Our second pick as the best massage chair under 1000 is the Shiatsu Massage Chair, which is an excellent massage chair. A chair that is reliable and cost-effective with plenty of useful features. A chair is designed in a contemporary style. It has a zero-gravity feature with various massage modes. In addition, the chair includes an OPTO scanner that allows one to adjust one’s head and shoulders to position the rollers according to one’s height. The foot heater stimulates circulation, while 19 airbags relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.

Further, this chair has a zero gravity massage mode, and in this way, it works smoothly on the lower body area. Kneading massage helps to improve blood flow, especially in the legs. It provides wonderful foot massages. Rollers span the entire foot.

Four preset massage modes are present in it, i.e., Relax, Extend, Recover, and Refresh. You can adjust any mode, whatever you need, and let the chair do its massage. It provides your whole body massage, which relaxes your muscles.

More so, the massage chair has remote control features too. It has a unique compact remote, which is very easy to operate. With its remote control, you can toggle between heat and massage modes, fold the footrest or extend it.

When fused with heat, the back rollers give a soothing massage, reducing back pain. Various massage features help to stimulate pressure points. It has multiple massage modes like pressing, rolling, kneading, tapping, etc. The chair has 19 airbags that help in air pressure massage for the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, and feet.

The long L track helps in guiding the roller movement from neck to thighs. L shape fits with the body’s posture helping in deeper and more relaxing massages. The special thing is that it gives a special message to the back and hips, unlike others.

We can fold the leg rest into the chair, and you can use it as a regular chair in your room. It has a durable upholstery material that is soft synthetic leather. This material is water-resistant and repels pet hair. The fabric perfectly complements the wooden furniture.

  • Easy to put together
  • 19 airbags
  • One automatic and three manual massage settings
  • Comprehensive Shiatsu massage
  • It is affordable
  • The remote is not attached to the chair
  • The chair does not recline

3. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner:

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner


  • Its weight capacity is 400 pounds
  • Foot roller massage
  • Bluetooth is available
  • The six automatics presets
  • Back heating is present
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Seat vibration is adjusted
  • 50 airbags are placed
OOTORI provides you with great massage options at affordable prices. It is designed with a modern contemporary style. You can enjoy some amazing heating and vibration features.

It comprises airbag massage and roller massage that provides you great relief. Around eight airbag-powered massagers will massage your body to reduce tension from the vertebrae and lumbar portion. It is a zero gravity massage chair that automatically provides your soothing body massages. 

In Addition, there are six automatic massage modes; each of them gives you recovery and relaxation. Each of its modes is specially designed by medical therapists and professional people within the field. Besides automatic massage settings, users have an option to customize manual massage modes, in which you can customize massage intensity, type, time, and speed. 

It’s a Real Relax S track massage chair. 3d robotic hand roller moves from the neck portion to the waist throughout the session. Six premium auto-set programs are featured in this chair. After clicking the waist button for a while, the chair starts to function. Fifty airbags are placed all over the chair from neck to feet, helping relieve stressed muscles.

The 6 preset auto programs, i.e., such as Relax, Strong, Chinese, Thai, Stretch, and Waist, help relieve body fatigue and pain. One of the best features present in this chair is that it comes with dual Bluetooth speakers. Through this, you can listen to your favorite music with a relaxing massage. It will help those people who suffer a lot from anxiety and depression. 

More so, there are three levels of adjustable 3d roller speed, width, and airbag massage intensity. It has a built-in heater fitted on the back of the chair, which promotes blood circulation. Airbag massage helps to promote seat vibration, which relaxes the hips muscles. 

Moreover, the footrest is moveable. We can extend it forward by about 2.5 inches. The foot roller massager helps in the circulation of feet and helps to release stress. We can easily adjust it in homes and offices as well.

  • Long time warranty
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Extended footrest
  • Absence of an automatic body scanner
  • Limited weight lifting

4. Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair:

Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair


  • Two massage techniques
  • Comfortable recline
  • Stimulates a human masseuse
  • Compact design
  • Human touch lineup setting
  • Duo massage rollers
  • L track shape back
  • Roll massagers all over the chair

It is designed like an egg chair, which is well built and has good aesthetics. Human Touch iJoy is one of the best high-end massage chairs. It is a basic chair that brings an eye-catching feel to the room. It is highly comfortable that you can sit and relax on it for long hours.

More so, the chair is designed like a long L-track that extends to the thighs. This gives massage to the upper and lower body. The chair comprises rollers only all over its body and has no airbags. Two sets of quad rollers are present in the back seat and in the seat itself. iJoy is the only chair that is offering human touch lineup settings.

It is a lightweight chair weighing only 63 pounds. It has a compact style that can be easily adjusted in a small space. Its remote contains a dozen buttons, and they are marked, which makes it easy to use than most remotes. It has a USB port to charge your gadgets while using the chair. This feature would be very attractive to a lot of people who technologically need to stay in touch.

Furthermore, the chair has four automatic massage preset modes. It includes one upper back, one lower back, two different full back massage modes, releasing stress and relaxing back muscles. It has a unique Flexiglide orbital motion that enhances the glides and kneads techniques, providing the same purpose as an oil massage.

Therefore, By increasing or decreasing the vertical massage range, you can customize the massage. However, in glide massage, We can adjust the width. The rollers of a chair can be customized to the desired place during a kneading massage. 

The Human Touch in this chair uses knead and glide motion to give massage to your back and glutes simultaneously. The zero gravity massage chair does not have the full reclining function. However, it allows you to recline backward up to 140 degrees.

  • Good therapeutic value
  • Overall intense massage quality
  • Customize option
  • Lightweight chair
  • Easy to operate
  • Lack of foot massage mode
  • No airbags but rollers are placed all over the chair

5. FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair:

FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair


  • Anti-slip mats
  • Detachable pillow
  • Silicone button panel
  • Kneading massage
  • Hip vibration
  • Recliner design
It is one of the best starter massage chairs to get as it is budget-friendly too. With a modern design, the chair is also lightweight. It has a wood color that can blend with any furniture. The chair is constructed with wood and weighs only 40 pounds, so it is easy to move.

Further, the arc-shaped cradles the body and provides good ergonomic support. It has a detachable pillow that can be adjusted according to your head and neck position. The pillow is attached to the chair with Velcro tape. The chair is extremely simple to assemble. The main task is to put together wooden frames, and the rest is very easy.

It has to knead massage nodes and vibrating sensors, which provide various mode messages on your shoulders, neck, hips, and back. There are three multiple massage techniques, which include vibration, tapping, and shiatsu. It also has a heating function that provides circulation in the body.

Moreover, it also comprises a vibrating heated seat with two vibration levels, giving a gentle butt massage. Strong frequency vibration can help you to relax your hips, lower back, waist, and thighs.

The rolling massage nodes move upward and downward from the upper back to the lower back, stimulating shiatsu massage for pinpoint massage. Massage on nodes helps in eliminating stress, fatigue, and tension.

Also, it incorporates a hand-held controller that can stop, start, and set the manual modes. It has an auto mode that generates a preset massage program and six massage modes to select any. The chair has a wooden rocking design that is sleek and modern. Also, it is strong enough to support a weight up to 330 lbs. The backrest and seat are padded with a soft sponge.

At last, it has wide curved wooden armrests that enable you to sit with a comfortable posture. The chair has a removable fabric cover. It is made up of linen fabric along with zipping, which gives ease to remove and clean. The anti-slip mat at the bottom of the wooden frame protects both the floor and chair from scratch. The silicone button panel helps to adjust the manual settings according to your needs.

  • Dual usage chair
  • Removable fabric
  • Wide arms
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lack enough cushioning
  • Lack of foot massage

6. Belmint Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Belmint Shiatsu Massage Chair


  • It has a good therapeutic value, which helps to reduce body pain
  • It has an overall good massage quality
  • L Track seat
  • It has a maximum support weight limit is 200 pounds
  • Dual rollers
  • Comprises of heated massage rollers

The sixth best massage chair under 1000 is the Homedics Massage chair. It is designed by a leading design company. The chair has some limited features, but we will still recommend you because it signifies a good therapeutic value. Also, it is a budget-friendly product.

Homedics is a well-reputed company that belongs to the home health market. Cozzia made this design for this company, capable of making a good space in the industry. Designers usually do basic design. This chair does not have deep features, but it serves the main purpose of giving therapy to the human body.

Moreover, this model is built-in with L-shaped and dual rollers. L-Track’s best thing provides massage to begin at your neck and extends downwards under the seat to massage your thighs and glutes. So, this chair serves the purpose of full body massage that helps decrease your body pain and stimulate blood flow throughout the body. However, the track is not long enough to give a foot massage.

It has dual massage rollers that give therapy and relief to the whole body after a long tiring day. It has some good customization of massage that is convenient and reliving. There are four pre-programmed modes built in the remotes, which provide you with one-touch message functionality, making it easy to use. The chair is super easy to put together and start operating.

Furthermore, the best thing we found in this chair is heated massage rollers. Having heat instantly releases all your body’s stress and helps to relax body muscles. Heating massage is present in the back seat and the lumbar region of the chair. There are two massage techniques present in this chair, i.e., shiatsu and tapping. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the intensity level of massage.

Lastly, the chair has a small and minimal design. It has overall dimensions of 37.25 x 24.5 x 38.75 inches and weighs around 50 pounds. It has a weight limit of 200 pounds.

  • Easy to put together
  • Remote control settings
  • Good thickened padding
  • Customization options
  • Bang for buck
  • The chair does not recline
  • No foot roller is made

7. Real Relax Shiatsu Recliner:

Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • It comprises a zero-gravity mode
  • Extendable leg rests
  • Presence of airbags
  • The leather fabric on the chair
  • Massage includes heater and vibrations
  • Available heating functions
  • Comfortable seating
  • Good quality upholstery

We have another option for you which is highly affordable. It is one of those rare chairs that feels comfortable after long hours of sitting. Real Relax Shiatsu Recliner has high quality and has a decent body. It provides you with adjustable settings that will give you comfort.

Further, it serves you with various heating features that no other chair provides. Heaters are placed all over the body, especially in the seating and foot area. This not only comforts your body but also helps in the stimulation of human metabolism and blood circulation. This chair contains 50 airbags, which only high-end chairs have, and provides good quality massage.

The design of the chair is unique and will blend in with other furniture. It is cushioned with soft materials. The upholstery fabric looks great. The setting and backseat are made up of leather.

Moreover, the footrests are moveable, and you can adjust them according to your need. The footrests can be extended for a more comfortable position. Tall people best utilize this feature. This chair gives your neck and back a good massage.

It is designed with a modern look that looks sleek in homes as well as in offices too. It also has a Bluetooth feature. You can enjoy a relaxing massage and calming music at the same time. You can play audio too. There’s also a USB connectivity panel that helps you charge your electronic devices while having a massage on the chair.

Lastly, a remote can control everything. Your massage includes vibrations, heaters, and air squeezing. Some people find it difficult to use. Read the instructions carefully and then start connecting wires. However, the chair is super easy to assemble.

  • Can work for tall people
  • USB connectivity available
  • Three years of warranty
  • Quick to assemble
  • Built-in music mode
  • Controls are a bit confusing
  • No manual settings

How To Select The Best Massage Chair Under 1000$? – Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy the best massage chair under 1000, consider the following points:


Rollers are the most important feature because they are responsible for rolling, tapping, kneading, or twisting motions. The rollers’ rolling speed and intensity vary.

Massage rollers are usually placed all over the chair’s body to target the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, legs, and feet.

Built-in Heater:

Without a heater, the massage chair is of no use. It is because heat helps in improving blood flow and muscle relaxation. Heat is specified in different areas of the chair.

Heat radiates throughout the human body which calms you and gives you the best relaxation.


Airbags deflate and inflate, providing pinpoint massages. The more the airbag inflates, the more intense the compression. We can adjust the degree of compression in various massage chairs.

Airbag massage improves circulation, which can reduce inflaming and redness. And improving blood flow can help speed up recovery from a muscle strain.

Zero Gravity Chair:

Zero gravity refers to those chairs that can recline. The reclined position helps maintain body posture and gets comfortable when fused with massage, providing a more relaxing experience. 

Control Settings:

Massage chairs have different ways to control the adjustment settings. Some chairs have a built-in control panel, while others have a remote control feature. The control settings should have easy-to-read buttons. A display screen also has control settings. 


Weight usually varies on the chair’s design, sturdiness, and size. You will find those chairs that have a weight limit of 200lb while other chairs are those that can take up to 400lb. If you are heavier, you may invest in a heavier chair. 


You must see the fabrics used on the massage chairs. It should be eco-friendly. These chairs usually have leather upholstery. Make sure the fabric is soft, breathable, and does not have a plastic feel. And it must be durable and easy to clean.


In conclusion, I want to give you a final suggestion about the best massage chair under 1000. In our list, each chair is unique with its special characteristics. The excellent massage chair should be the one that gives you reliability and features at the same time, you need and care about most at a price that you can afford easily. 

In addition, I will recommend you Real Relax Massage Chair if you want my quick suggestion.

When buying your massage chair, there are several things to consider. We tried our best to give you the description, features, pros, and cons of each product. We hope that you found the top massage recliners to make you feel great!

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