Top 8 Best Office Chair Covers 2023 – [Reviews & Highlights]

You are exactly where you need to be yes, HomesBeast is covered for you if you are looking for the most fashionable and unique office chair covers. When everything is already decided on the design, structure, and material of your chairs.

So why compromise on your chair covers that will make your product stand out? As with all necessary interior design and decor, it is equally important that your office chair covers complement the theme of your work environment. As a minor, as it may seem, it has the biggest impact on the outlook of your office.

A slipcover is a protective cover that can be put on and taken off furniture. What is often referred to as ‘furniture clothing; is easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Like a chair cover, a cloth is placed over the chair’s back, arms, and head. The cover fabric can be any material or pattern of your choice. Based on our research, the most common material used for office seat covers are leather, synthetic leather, mesh, vinyl, and fabric.

In case you are looking for more durable fabrics besides leather, the answer is microfiber. Microfiber is 100% polyester, so it won’t stain, fade or leave water marks if splashed with water. Other than that, it’s easy to clean and holds up well to office seat covers.

We mainly see simple seat covers in workplaces. But in recent years, our textile designers have also been working intensively on different patterns for desk chairs, computer chairs, and office seat covers. For example, geometric prints, line patterns, colorful office theme prints, and prints with your office logo.

However, in the current era, the latest trends include the fusion of wood, steel, and brass with fabric. Also, those that catch your attention the first time you enter. The first glance is the one that makes your eye stay the longest. Also, the best-selling covers on the market have a company logo designs, office theme colors, geometric patterns, line work, and block prints.

An office requires a desk chair cover, computer chair cover, seat cover, and other chair covers. Therefore, covers should be approached not only with design in mind, but also with comfort, durability, trends, and price of chair covers.

List Of Top 8 Office Chair Covers:

  1. Office CAVEEN – Best Overall Office Chair Cover
  2. SMIRY Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair – Superior Task Chair Seat Cover
  3. Melaluxe Office – The Best Durable Office Chair Cover
  4. Jinzio Computer Office – Best Soft Fabric Office Chair Cover
  5. Jiyaru Swivel Armchair Cover Removable Office Computer – Office Computer Chair Slipcover
  6. LJNGG Office – Computer Gaming Office Chair Cover
  7. MOCAA Computer Office High Back Large – Super Stretch Office Chair Cover
  8. FORCHEER OFFICE  – Best Waterproof Office Chair Cover

Top 8 Best Office Chair Covers Reviews 2023:

1. CAVEEN Office Chair Covers:

CAVEEN Office Chair Covers

Key Features:

The jacquard fabric is thick and smooth.
Highly elastic and stretchable to fit all types of office chairs.
anti wrinkle
Machine washable, it is quite easy to clean and dry.

Caveen office chair cover can redecorate your desk chair seats and protect your desk chairs. No doubt, the covers they provide are quite stretchy, twistable, and washable.

The best feature is that the chair covers are durable and suitable for computer chairs, desk chairs, task chairs, dining chairs, and bar stools. First of all, this brand has given two options of materials, for its chair covers, Silk and the other one is Jacquard Fabric. It is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

However, the jacquard fabric is specially made using looms, and a variety of materials such as cotton, polyester, silk, and acrylic can be woven to create them. This fabric does not shrink if washed cold. However, the color will fade, shrink, or distort if harsh or harsh cleaners are used.

In addition, this brand offers a variety of subtle yet modern colors for the office, such as black, brown, coffee, dark gray, navy blue, wine red, and jade green. These are the most used colors in office themes. On plus side, computer office chair covers are flexible in all natures. Due to the durable high-stretch polyester-spandex fabric, the desk chair cover can be put on quickly using the elasticated edge and there is no complexity or hard and fast rules involved.

It should be noted that this company has provided detailed instructions for cleaning and installation. For example, it is recommended to wash the covers in cold water, avoid using bleach and dry them easily. In addition, they also mentioned the weight which is 5.9 ounces, gave standard measurements, and recommended measuring the size of the office chair before buying the desk covers.

Subsequently, CAVEEN chair cover review proves that they are an honest, friendly, and customer-friendly company. They have provided proper details of their office chair covers, for example, pictorial pictures of installation and colors. In addition, they have also provided a contact number if they have any problems.

The chair covers are easily available online at Amazon for around $11 with a return policy.

Size Chart:

Back width and height: 14.2”-19.7” (36-50 cm)
Width and length of cushions: 15”-20.5” (38-52cm)

2. SMIRY Chair Seat Covers:

SMIRY Chair Seat Covers

Key Features:

comfortable design
High quality, soft and breathable.

Smiry is an ideal choice for your office as it gives a new look to your old, damaged, and ugly chairs. These seat covers protect chairs from scratches, spills, and accidents. According to our research, the covers are specially designed to help office workers and students.

Consequently, the material used to make this chair cover is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Polyester is made from polyester yarns or fibers, while spandex is strong, durable, and also known as lycra.

It can be stretchy fabric if soaked in hot water. Secondly, a wide range of color options are available, which are beige, black, burgundy, chocolate, camel, dark grey, grey, navy blue, ocean blue, olive green, and peacock green. Such color variation offers wide options to customers. Also giving more diversity in things is always remarkable.

In fact, the stretchy nature of the fabric makes it a perfect fit for chairs. It is equipped with an elastic band for easy adjustment and a wrinkle-resistant cover. In addition, due to the elasticity, the cover will not slip and will save a lot of time and effort during installation.

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Without a doubt, this brand stood out for the quality and technicalities of office chair covers. So it’s a simple way to refresh your chairs at half the cost. Sometimes you just want to change your chairs because they are old and dirty and other times you get tired of the old colors.

To conclude, these office chair covers are excellent for all types of cushioned seats, office chairs, kitchen and dining chairs, and bar stools. Also, the customer reviews are good enough that they are drooling over the fact that the app is quite simple and less complicated. The elastic band around helps these covers to be used for curvy or round-shaped seats. It can be a great use for round desk chairs. So you don’t have to worry about worn parts, everything can be fixed with smirky chair covers.

Size Chart:

Seat cushion length: 18″-22″
Seat Cushion Width: 18”-22″
Seat cushion height: 1.3”-2.5”

3. Melaluxe Office Chair Covers:

Melaluxe Office Chair Covers

Key Features:

Stretchable and elastic fabric.
Simple machine washable.
It covers tears, rips, and edges perfectly.
Zippers for easy installation.

Melaluxe is a brand that deals in great office chair covers. To begin with, it is a highly recommended brand as they keep your expensive chairs safe. Clearly, CEOs of big bosses are the target group they have chosen to work with. Even though this brand has focused on a niche item, it is worth it. Therefore, you would not have to invest in changing expensive chairs over and over again.

There are color varieties available in this deck, including subtle, dark, and neon colors. There are about 22 colors stored. Most importantly, the material used to make the covers is microfiber. This brand has not compromised on the quality and has used a stretch spandex fabric that is soft and durable. Above all, spandex itself is a breathable, lightweight, and soft fabric. However, the covers do not shrink under normal washing conditions. Due to its unique elasticity, it has helped make melaluxe stretch chair covers.

On the other hand, you can easily remove the cover and clean it since they have elastics and zippers for greater practicability. For this reason, Melaluxe chair covers are the highest-rated covers on Amazon’s list of chair covers.

In fact, it is a chair protector; and protects the new seat from spills and stains. For clarity, the brand has instructed a simple wash by throwing it in the washing machine and requested that you take the measurements of your chair before purchasing. So you can match it with the cover size mentioned on Amazon, and then place an order.

Size Chart:

Back height: 70-78cm
Back width: 50-60cm
Seat length: 45-55cm
Seat width: 50-60cm

4. Jinzio Computer Office Chair Covers:

Jiyaru Swivel Armchair Cover Removable Office Computer

Key Features:

Soft Fabric: Made from soft, high-persistence polyester and spandex. The covers are wrinkle free and durable enough.
Flexible Covers: Jinzo office chair cover is designed with a good strength polyester and spandex to stretch over your chair and help provide an easier fit.
Precise lining: experienced technicians have worked to control every stitch and ensure that every inch is firm

It’s that time of year when you need to invest in upgrading the look of your office. Use jinzio’s stylish office chair covers in a wide range of colors and patterns that go well with both contemporary and traditional furniture.

This is one of the best-selling chair cover brands on Amazon because they are made of good-strength polyester and spandex, which is better than ordinary fabric. Both materials are reliable, strong, and lightweight.

In general, these materials make the cover easy to clean and dry quickly, and anything can be easily printed on them. However, polyester can only be harmful, but with the addition of spandex, they have made the covers eco-friendly. Jinzio has now made installation easy by giving it elastic edges to keep it firm and tucked in, making the desk chair look like new.

In short, the brand asks customers to carefully examine the covers before buying and also gives the option of exchange or refund. Lastly, pictorial diagrams are displayed for easy customer access and it is one of the few brands that has provided various color options (over 40) and also supplies printed, geometric and floral chair covers and more.

Size Chart:

Back height: 35-40cm
Back width: 35-45cm
Seat length: 35-40cm
Seat height: 35-40cm

5. Jiyaru Chair Covers:

Jiyaru Swivel Armchair Cover Removable Office Computer

Key Features:

Widely used for office chairs.
It glides smoothly over the seats and slides in.
Cover up the rips, tears, and torn edges of the old chair.
It proves to be a grace for your workplace.
Good aesthetics in terms of designs and color variation.

Jiyaru is the place to go for large chair covers and the most innovative cover designs. The condition is 100% and the material used is polyester and spandex. Varieties of swivel chairs with removable and elastic computer chair covers are available. This brand is definitely a good option if you are looking for a way to use existing chairs in your office or home.

First of all, it glides smoothly over the seat and covers all the sticky areas. It also gives good aesthetics and grace to your office. Plus, it’s perfect for standard-sized office chairs. The condition of the cover is 100% as the material used is polyester and spandex, resulting in a soft and stretchy fabric. It is now available on Amazon with fast shipping and the quality lives up to your expectation.

Size Chart:

Back height: 48-65cm
Back width: 35-40cm
Seat length: 35-48cm
Seat width: 35-48cm

6. LJNGG Office Computer Gaming Chair Cover:

LJNGG Office Computer Gaming Chair Cover

Key Features:

Recommend for computer chair, lounge chair, gaming chair and boss chair.
Easy to machine wash.
Quick to install and remove

LJNGG has designed chair covers made of spandex for all types of office chairs. Especially for computer chairs, armchairs, swivel chairs, gamer chairs, and computer boss chairs. Since the material is spandex, it’s very stretchy to put on and super soft to sit on. Apart from this, the fabric is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long-lasting. Which makes the cover captivating fit, anti-slip, and resistance free.

To make the covers more useful, they have attached zippers with the cover, which makes things easier for customers. In addition, this brand has introduced three basic colors burgundy, blue and black.

They are an excellent protector for new and old chairs. Although the reviews are satisfactory enough, some customers have complained of a horrible smell. Accordingly, the package includes 1 top chair cover, 1 seat cover, 1 pair of armchair covers, and 1 drawstring storage bag.

Size Chart:

Chair back height: 30-35”
Width of top of chair back: 8-11″
Chair back width at center: 22-25”
Bottom Width of Chair Back: 20-23”
Seat Width: 22-25”
Seat Length: 16-21”

7. MOCCA Office Chair Covers:

MOCAA Computer Office High Back Large

Key Features:

It is a great protector for your chairs from all kinds of dirt.
It installs easily and holds up pretty well.
Simple machine wash works and there is no need to iron as the material is virtually wrinkle free.
Super elastic and stretchable material for homes and office chairs.
You can renew your chair and give it a new perspective.

MOCCA is another trending brand dealing with high backs and large chair covers. They have around 10 different patterns, prints, and colors on the covers. This brand has focused on huge office chair covers and it is made of the most comfortable material, 85% polyester, and 15% spandex.

Polyester has been used for home and office use and does not emit chemical odors. In addition, it is crisp, and resistant to stretching and shrinkage. In addition, these covers are comfortable to wear, as they are easy to put on and fit very well. It is a must for a place where the chair is used daily.

Accordingly, the package only includes a chair cover. Since they have made a standard size, it is highly recommended to examine the chair carefully before ordering the cover. However, the measurements should be compared to your chair removing a slight human error of 0.5-1”.

It is indicated to wash the cover by machine or by hand and it should be washed alone, not mixed with other clothes. While most customers get too picky about their online purchases, the company has issued a statement about the product.

Size Chart:

Back Height: 27.5-31.5”
Back Width: 17.7-22.8”
Seat Length: 17.7-22.8”
Seat Width: 17.7-22.8”

8. FORCHEER Office Chair Covers:

FORCHEER Office Chair Covers

Key Features:

Soft, comfortable and elastic.
Protects the chair from dirt.
Elastic and flexible edges.
wrinkle free

Forcheer office chair covers would be the most ideal decision for people who invest in the best quality. Polyester and polyester blend are claimed to be better for comfortable seating and this brand has won the hearts of customers using it.

Like any other good material, covers are water resistant, protecting the chair from unwanted and unexpected stains. They feature large to medium-sized chair covers and fit snugly over most office chairs. On that note; the brand provides some colors and patterns to match any interior theme and customers are drooling over it.

You will find that Forcheer covers are super soft and comfortable, natural and eco-friendly to use. In other words, it protects your chair from all those unexpected tears and spills and gives not only a new look to your chair but a whole new look to where you store it. He has a non-slip grip that ensures he is safe to sit on and won’t let you down.

When tossing the coin, the elastic band on the edges helps you cover the back and seat precisely. In addition, the jacquard fabric is not only elastic but also waterproof, so a stain or splash of water is easily removed.

It is concluded that this brand is probably the best-selling brand for office covers, as it has a wide range of sizes: small, medium, and large. The measurements of the three sizes are given respectively with their pictorial explanation. Finally, these covers can be easily washed in the washing machine. However, the brand recommends not using chlorine bleach, washing dark colors separately, and using a low-steam iron.

Size Chart:

Back Width: 17.5-21.5”
Back Height: 16.5-21.5”
Seat Length: 15-21.5”
Seat Width: 15- 21.5”

Highlights Of The Best Chair Covers And Slipcovers:

  • The soft and elastic material.
  • Easy, fast, and hassle-free installation
  • Variation of sizes in case it does not fit you
  • Variety of colors and subtle patterns.
  • Arm cover must be included
  • Detailed instructions will be provided
  • Good flexibility of the material with elastic bands on the edges.
  • Cost-effective as an office could buy in bulk
  • Environmentally friendly must be reusable.
  • Polyester, spandex, and jacquard materials fit best.
  • Thin, breathable, and durable covers.

The Effects Of Not Using Chair Covers:

As minor, as it may seem, covers can have the biggest impact. We quote from different places that ‘the details have to be taken care of. The covers for chairs fall into those details that you cannot miss. Computer chairs, desk chairs, boss chairs, and other office chairs are found in bulk in workplaces.

This means that a huge investment has been made there, and considering this fact, we should not waste our money just like that. Most of the time you accidentally spill your tea or coffee on a chair and now you can wash the stain off your chair. The answer is no. Sometimes the material of the chair starts to wear and gives an old look to your office.


To protect and decorate your chairs, you must use chair covers. Chair covers will always enhance the beauty of chairs and protect them from breaking. Even if there is a spill or stain, you can easily remove the cover and store it away for washing.

On the plus side, covers also save huge amounts of money and keep your chair looking new. They will also increase the energy of the work environment and give it a fresh look.

How To Choose Good Chair Covers For Office Use?

After the roundup of the 8 best covers for workplaces. I guess you’ve already made your decision. However, to expand your horizon, I will specify the adjoining variables that you might consider when choosing sleeves. Time to look down on those things

1. Fabric:

The fabric of the cover is the main factor that you will need to consider when buying it for your office. A good-strength fabric should be used for chair covers. Since there are many people who walk in their offices on a daily basis and many people who use those office chairs, you need to choose a good and durable fabric.

Therefore, the fabric must be soft, stretchable, and highly elastic. If your covers have these qualities, it will be easy to install a large number of chairs in less time. The elastic band will keep the chair securely attached to the edges. In addition, the fabric must be waterproof, wrinkle-free, and non-slip. A textured fabric could help grip the chair.

2. Stretchable:

An elasticated chair cover will help the chair fit snugly and allow for quick and easy installation. Also, I would like to point out a few more factors that should be considered when choosing covers; After the quality control of the materials, it is advisable to use a cover that has a wide range of sizes so that it is not a problem to buy one for your chair. The design and patterns of the slipcovers should be carefully chosen keeping in mind the interior theme of your workplace.

All you need is a good set of office chair covers that are strong, reusable, and durable. So now you have a good option to renew it at a lower cost. However, to find out how a pair of chair covers may or may not last, you can check the surveys or reviews of the customers who bought them.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

I would like to list some regularly posted questions. You may need to use this part and choose the best covers that are most suitable for your workplace.

1. Why Does The Color Appear To Be Different In Reality?

You need to realize that brands would never fake colors on websites if they don’t have them. Please allow slight differences due to the camera and display.

2. How Will You Be Sure About The Size?

The brand recommends measuring the size of your chair in inches or centimeters before purchasing the cover. Therefore, customers should carefully read the size chart study.

3. Is It Useful To Buy Padded Covers?

If your office chair is in poor condition and not comfortable enough to sit on, I suggest you purchase padded chair covers. Padded chair covers will give you more strength and some foam for good comfort. Your old chair will look absolutely new and normal.

4. The Best Way To Wash The Covers?

The best way to wash the chair cover is to wash them separately in the washing machine. The use of bleach or chlorine is prohibited as it discolors the color and color bleeding is also observed. However, washing with cold or hot water depends on the material the cover is made of.

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