Top 7 Best Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Chairs – [Reviews 2023]

Sharkoon is a German brand founded in 2003 that has been dedicated to creating products specifically for computers. Currently, with more than 15 years of working, it has about 250 items on the market that include PC components such as chairs, fans, keyboards, gaming headsets, and many more accessories.

Its chairs stand out for their great performance and value for money as well as their ease of use and their German design. So, if you are looking for opinions about this brand, you have reached the right spot. Read this review to choose the best Sharkoon gaming chairs.

Top 7 Best Sharkoon Skiller Chairs Reviews 2023

1. Sharkoon Skiller SGS1:

Sharkoon Skiller SGS1


  • An elegant gaming chair in a sporty design fits.
  • Comfortable and padded armrests: the ideal place to.
  • Foam padding (polyurethane); synthetic leather on.

It is a gaming chair specially designed to be used in any gaming space, room, or office. It has a sporty design that promises warmth and relief for gamers who spend many hours sitting in front of a desk or computer. Its appearance is classic and elegant, which makes it easily stand out among other models of work chairs, in addition, it is upholstered in synthetic polyurethane leather with a black base with details in grey, red, green, or blue.

One of its most outstanding features is its ergonomics, its back and seat are covered with magnificent foam padding that provides comfortable support at the lumbar and cervical levels. In addition to this, it also has padded armrests perfect for resting your arms while playing and a tilt system that allows you to adjust the backrest between 3 ° and 180 ° angle.

It is an extremely stable model thanks to the fact that it is made up of a robust five-star steel base capable of supporting up to 100 kg in weight. It’s class 3 gas piston guarantees maximum safety when using it and its 50 mm wheels have been manufactured to give the user the possibility of moving on any type of surface in a smooth and subtle way.

The Sharkoon Skiller SGS1 is an economical and simple chair perfect for those users who want to acquire simple but good quality products at low cost. Another point in its favor, there is the ease of installation, which does not take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

2. Sharkoon Skiller SGS2:

Sharkoon Skiller SGS2


  • Top class gaming chair with fabric cover.
  • Sturdy steel frame; ergonomic posture thanks to.
  • Adjustable backrest that can be locked in a wide.

On this occasion, the German brand has brought you a mid-range gaming chair. It is a model that has an elegant and sporty design like the first, following its classic standards, however, instead of being covered with polyurethane leather, it uses a completely flexible and breathable fabric made of fabric for its lining.

The Sharkoon Skiller SGS2 stands out for its ergonomic details that, in addition to being innovative and very useful, turn out to be highly customizable. Its backrest and seat are padded with molded foam and are intended to provide the greatest and most comfortable support for the body, in addition to this, it consists of three-dimensional armrests, that is, they can be adjusted in various lengths, heights, and at an angle. single landscape.

The best part of the story is that it promises a rocking-chair feel thanks to its tilt system in which the backrest can also be reclined between 90° and 160°. In order to relieve pressure on the neck and back, this chair includes two cushions also made of breathable fabric, one for the head and the other for the lower back.

Class 4 Gas Piston:

Its solid structure and its class 4 gas piston make it a very safe chair that can support up to 110kg load without risk. In addition, its strong base made up of 5 60 mm wheels allows the user to move on flat surfaces with total stability and confidence.

It is a more expensive chair than its previous model but it has double the functionalities, which makes it ideal for those players who want to invest a higher amount in a device that can easily cover all their needs. The Sharkoon Skiller SGS2 comes packed and can be assembled very easily and in a few minutes, and is also available in various colors, specifically grey, blue, red, and green.

3. Sharkoon SKILLER SGS3:


As you all expect, this model is much more advanced than the previous ones and, consequently, it is more expensive. It follows its characteristic German design with sporty touches but, this time, it has been made with impeccable sewing and following the objective of launching a much more elegant and slimmer chair on the market. In addition to this, it is covered with easy-to-clean synthetic leather upholstery that is pleasant to the touch regardless of the weather, which has additional fabric accessories in the following colors: blue, red, green, and white.

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This time, its manufacturers wanted to enhance the comfort it provides to the maximum level, and, for this, they added many more customization possibilities. Both its backrest and the height of the seat and its armrests can be adjusted to adapt them to the needs of the user and achieve a more ergonomic position that leads to an optimal level of comfort. Its backrest, in the same way, can be configured to reach an angle of 160°, an action that gives the player more freedom to sit in a position that suits him.

XXL Chair:

They also thought about its ergonomics so, together, it incorporates a foam padding that eliminates fatigue in the body, providing a better placement. In turn, it includes a suspension spring with a tilt control system that supports comfortable rocking chair movement in tense situations and can be configured up to 160 °.

Compared to its sister models, this chair is XXL, that is, it has been created with tall and heavy players in mind since its wide measurements allow people who are 190 cm tall to sit on the chair without problems; and its robust steel base supports up to a weight of 120 kg without sacrificing its stability and resistance. Its wheels have been perfected, the Sharkoon SGS3 has 5 rolls of 75 mm that can slide on almost any surface and includes, at the same time, an incredible locking function.

4. Sharkoon SKRILLEX SGS4:



  • Comfortable and luxurious XXL gaming chair in a robust.
  • Synthetic leather on the non-slip cover (seam of.
  • An adjustable backrest that can be locked in a wide.

The Sharkoon SKRILLEX SGS4 gaming chair stands out, among all things, for being an extremely comfortable model that provides a high level of comfort. It consists of an incline system that tolerates natural “rocking chair” type movements and provides a level of relaxation that starts from the elimination of muscular tension caused at the level of the spine, back, and neck when playing for long sessions.

All these particularities are added to the magnificent backrest with which it is equipped, which can be adjusted in angle from 90° to 160°  so that the user can lie down and rest without problems from time to time. In addition, it consists of 4D armrests that can be adjusted in height, width, horizontal angle, and arm length according to the individual requirements of each person, to make the experience much more optimal, personalized, and ergonomic.

Huge Load Capacity:

This product is also characterized by being suitable for corpulent people. Its wide backrest and wide seat, together with its strong base and structure, allow this chair to support up to 150 kg in weight and its dimensions make it ideal for those who are up to 2 meters tall. It should be noted that its seat comes with the possibility of extra height adjustment, between 51 and 58 cm.

The Sharkoon SKRILLEX gaming chair is perfect for the most enthusiastic gamers as its extra-large 75mm wheels incorporate a locking feature that comes in handy for those who are constantly on the move, fixing the chair in place and ensuring a secure fit. firm and secure on the ground.

Its design is very luxurious, with a sporty but elegant trend. It is covered in synthetic PU leather and can be purchased in the following colors: blue, white, black, green, and red. Its cost is obviously higher than that of the rest of the SKRILLEX models.

5. Sharkoon SKRILLEX SGS5:



  • High-quality real leather cover: the features.
  • Ample Convenience and Comfort: The SGS5 offers a generous area.
  • Ergonomic sitting posture: the variety of adjustments.

This chair is known as the executive of the SKRILLEX models offered by the brand. It is a large device with a sporty design but, at the same time, elegant. Its finish is unique, with high-quality stitching and details that make it look professional and charming. Unlike all other products, it is covered in real leather which gives the wearer an amazing level of tactile feel and is fully breathable.

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One of the most striking details is that it has been designed for large users. Its solid steel base together with its class 4 gas piston with DIN 4550 safety certification, is capable of supporting up to 150 kg in weight and its large dimensions, especially its 42 x 49 cm seat, make it perfect for those with heights up to 200 cm. It has extra large 75mm wheels that ensure total stability on flat and conventional surfaces while allowing the user full freedom of movement with locking functions.

Excellent Ergonomics:

Its ergonomics is another factor in favor of this model, it contains two armrests, which can be adjusted in four directions according to its height, angle, and position, in addition, its padded backrest with molded foam can be adjusted and locked from an angle of 90 or up to 160. All these aspects can be customized in order to guarantee a comfortable and optimal posture when sitting down.

The Sharkoon SKRILLEX SGS5 is one of the most expensive models offered by the German brand, however, it can be said that it meets all the requirements that give it a good review in terms of value for money. It is a type of chair that seeks to meet the wishes and needs of the most demanding players, as it accurately meets the quality standards defined by its manufacturers.

6. Sharkoon SHARK ZONE GS10:

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE GS10


  • Comfortable and luxurious chair: robust steel frame; sewing.
  • Synthetic leather on the non-slip cover: this chair.
  • Ergonomic posture: thanks to its 3D adjustable armrest.

Now we will talk a little about the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE GS10 gaming chair, which is considered the best of those offered by the SHARK ZONE line of the German brand. For its creation, manufacturers have particularly eyed its design, which is intended not only for amateur eSports players but also for streamers and professional gamers.

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It integrates a non-slip cover made of synthetic leather that has been manufactured with high-quality sewing, also high-quality embroidery on the logos, which makes it very resistant and durable, highlighting its fabric accessories in the yellow color that defines the set. of products from the SHARK ZONE category.


This piece of furniture is extremely versatile and offers very good ergonomics thanks to its various adaptable functions. Similar to other models of the brand, it includes a padded backrest that can be adjusted at an angle between 90° and 160°.

In addition, it contains two armrests that, contrary to the products described above, can be adjusted but only three-dimensionally, adjusting to any type of arm’s length, desired height, and any individual horizontal angle.

Thanks to its solid aluminum base and its comfortable class 4 gas piston, it contains the necessary strength to provide safe support with great stability and a maximum load limit of 120 kg despite being fully tilted. Likewise, it has a 5-wheel base with a locking function but, in contrast to more advanced models, these are 60 mm thick.

The Sharkoon SHARK ZONE GS10 is a mid-high range chair that meets all the expectations of the most demanding gamers and the best part of it is that its price is right in the middle of those low-end and more luxurious models. . It is highly functional and its installation is, in the same way, fast and simple.

7. Sharkoon Elbrus:

Sharkoon Elbrus

This time we will talk a little more about another outstanding chair from the Sharkoon house: The Elbrus 2. It is a gaming chair whose most relevant characteristics are its ergonomic base and its good design. Both aspects allow players to feel very comfortable while running their games.

It has an adjustable seat that allows each player to position it according to their needs, to obtain a suitable posture and avoid muscle tension and stress, or fatigue. In this sense, it is possible to achieve a good angle (depending on the taste of each person), with respect to the height of the desk where the computer with which the game sessions are carried out is located.

Arms tend to get tired from being in one position for so long. With the Ebrus 2 and its padded armrests, whose design is the contour of the arm, this is no longer a problem as it offers great support. As for the back, this chair has the option to adjust the angle of the backrest (up to 160º) to help maintain a good position during the gaming experience.

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Best Sharkoon Chair?

It depends on your preferences. However, we believe that the SGS5 with real leather is the best chair of this brand. But the SGS5 also comes at an impressive price. For those who do not want to spend so much, we recommend the SGS4 or the SGS2. In our comparison table, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each model well.

What Material Are Sharkoon Chairs Made Of?

Depending on the model you choose, they consist of materials such as polyurethane, fabric or even real leather.

Do The Sharkoon Chairs Have Reclining Seats?

Yes, depending on the model you choose. The Elbrius 2, for example, allows a seat recline of 160 degrees.


Sharkoon brand chairs have a very attractive appearance and are quite competitively priced especially considering their design and finish. There are fabric models (The SGS2) that are perfect for summer. Other models of this brand such as the SGS5 have an even better quality (real leather) but at a fairly high price.

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