How To Disassemble The Wheels Of Office Chairs? – [2 Methods]

Any type of office chair is an essential accessory for a company, business, or workplace in the home. It is important that each model adapts to each person’s posture. Therefore, it is essential to find a good place that sells high-quality office chairs so that they are durable.

The wheels of the swivel office chairs are a mechanism that, with use, can have some deterioration or malfunction. This is easily noticeable when moving any type of office chair on a completely smooth floor becomes difficult. The system that adjusts the base of the types of office chair wheels is a pressurized metal cylinder that must be fitted with the appropriate tools to repair and maintain the wheels properly.

Each person feels confident in his chair, but it often happens that they break and cause inconvenience. To repair an office chair, tools such as screws, lubricant, wrench, and screwdriver are required. If the wheels of your office have been damaged, then we show you how to disassemble the wheels of office chairs or office furniture in a simple and quick way to clean them.

Removing Wheels From An Office Chair:

Wheels Of An Office Chair

There Are Several Methods To Remove The Wheels From An Office Chair:

  • The first step is to tilt the base of the chair, it is carefully lifted where the wheels to be removed are located.
  • Using a rag on the upper part of the wheel and with a hammer, blows are made longitudinally to the axis of the union. If this cannot be done, the base joint will be damaged. Also, there is another way to extract the wheel from its base, you can use a flat screwdriver, A little movement is exerted around the union.
  • If the wheels of the office chair are very damaged, it is likely that the structure will detach, but the bolt is inside the base. If this happens, the bolt must be removed with the help of pliers, carefully and longitudinally without modifying the saddle joint.
  • The office chair is placed upside down, this is ideal for placing the new wheels on the spokes of the base. To achieve this, a sharp blow is given until the bolt fits completely. Keep in mind that you should avoid leaving the pin outside and sitting on the chair applying an unstoppable force. Since it could cause damage or deformation between the union of the wheels with the base.

How To Disassemble The Wheels For Maintenance Or Replacement?

The wheels of an office chair have become an essential component for better performance in the work area. Although, what is essential is its quality, since it will determine its duration and good condition for a longer time. Likewise, any element of the chair suffers any damage because they no longer have good support for the body because they are constantly subjected to a traction process.

Unfortunately, applying these forces so often to the wheels causes tire wear. Due to its structure based on two rotating discs joined by a central axis, it is common to find the accumulation of dirt and hair inside. If at any time the office chair does not manage to move very well, this could be because a large amount of dirt has accumulated on the axis of the wheels, which blocks circulation.

It is important to learn how to disassemble office chair wheels for proper cleaning. There are different methods for this, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Different Methods To Disassemble The Wheels Of An Office Chairs:

First Method:

This method is considered by many users to be a safe procedure. To carry it out, two small spanners are needed, each spanner is placed at the bottom of the shaft, fixed to the inner face of the bearing surface. Then any cylindrical tool like a screwdriver is placed between both wrenches.

Gripping pressure is then applied to the ends of each spanner, thus exerting a reverse lever force to push the inner portion of the bearing discs off their mating axis.

office chair

Second Method:

In this method, a single screwdriver is used to disassemble the wheels of office chairs. To start, the flat-blade screwdriver is placed on the inside of the bearing surface of each wheel. Subsequently, small lever movements are made on the inner face of the disc. The pressure point is changing in a circular way so that the wheel is removed little by little to avoid at the same time levering in a stretched way at the same point.

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When removing the wheel bearing discs from the axle, it is gently cleaned to remove accumulated dirt and hair. To do this, a scourer moistened with detergent is used to remove the most embedded dirt. It is advisable to use the scourer on the surface of the discs so that they are completely clean. In many cases, you may have wheels with splinters or discontinuities on the bearing. This commonly happens when the wheels are harder. To overcome this drawback, a file with good strength can be used to remove these discontinuities.

When the wheels are white it is better to use a plastic hydrator to clean them. If the bearing surface on white wheels breaks when the plastic becomes dehydrated. Finally, if you want to prolong the life of office chair wheels, it is essential to regularly clean dirt and any foreign objects that stick to them. With good procedures and the application of a good lubricant, the wheels will roll freely. Sometimes broken parts need to be replaced with good quality ones.

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