What Are The Functions Of An Office Chair? – [Complete Info]

We are going to review the functions of an office chair so that the task of choosing it is much easier for you. Because there are several types of office chairs and not all of them offer you the same characteristics, discover them!

When choosing an office chair we find a wide variety of models and prices. This makes our choice very difficult if we are not clear about what we are looking for. And what should we look for when choosing an office chair? And are all office chairs the same? Or does it depend on the use should we choose one type or another? Today we are going to try to answer these questions to make your choice easier.

If you are thinking of setting up or renovating your office, this article will help you choose the best option for each position. Because not any office chair works or is the same. It depends on its use, the user, the type of work to be done, or the time it will be used. And it is that office chairs are very important because we spend many hours in them and that ends up affecting our health. Therefore choosing the right chair is essential.

Office Chair Functions:

Office Chair Functions

If you work in an office, you spend many hours a day sitting down. Sitting all day can cause severe spinal problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, constant headaches, and other health-related problems. The use of an ergonomic office will help us avoid this. Its main function is to protect our back, support the lower back and prevent our muscles from being overloaded. An office chair helps us take care of our health.

What Is An Office Chair?

We refer to the office chair when we talk about the chairs used in a workspace or office. But office chair includes ergonomic chairs management chairs or chairs for waiting or visiting areas. Many times we use the term incorrectly when we are actually referring to task chairs or ergonomic chairs. These types of chairs are the ones that are designed for office work to respect their shape while we work.

How Does An Office Chair Have To Be?

The Main Characteristics That An Operative Or Ergonomic Office Chair Must Meet Are The Following:

Stable: The first feature to consider is stabilityFor this, the best thing is a star base with five supports.

Adjustable backrest: Through a mechanism, which is normally found on the side of the chair, we can adjust the backrest. In this way, the S that makes our spine will always be collected and supported to avoid overloading it. And it will suit us exactly since not everyone is the same.

Sit Dynamically: That is, we are not in the same position for hours and hours. We must be able to change posture frequently. This will prevent negative lateral pressure on the intervertebral discs.

office chair

Adjustable Seat: The height of the chair must also be adjusted according to the user. And if the depth and width are also adjusted even better so that we are not too tight in the chair.

Adjustable Arms: Height and angle. In this way, our arms will rest and suffer less tension. These must be made of a resistant material that can support our weight when we sit down and stand up.

Headrest Optional: The headrest allows us to support the cervical area in moments of relaxation.

Breathable Material: We will spend many hours sitting both in summer and in winter. It is important that the part that is in contact with our body is made of breathable material.

Foams: The foams used in the seat and backrest are also an important part of an office chair. If they are quality foams, they will withstand the passage of time much better and will not sink.

Finishes And Mechanisms: The highest quality chairs have metallic finishes. While the simplest are plastic. There are many types of plastics so we must ensure their quality so that their duration is long and without problems. The same goes for mechanisms. Sometimes it is worth investing a little more because we are ensuring that it lasts much longer.

What Is The Rocker On An Office Chair?

Back pain has become one of the most common health problems among those who work in offices. Up to 85% suffer from constant pain when they reach the age of 50. Due to the slow and steady damage caused over time by poor sitting posture or improper seating. But not only for our back, but also for other aspects of our health, such as joints or blood circulation.

rocker on office chair

The reclining or tilting backrest is a key element. One of the advantages of the ergonomic chair is that it allows you to adjust the backrest to the needs of each moment. We can set it according to the position we want to adopt. So that the S that makes our spine is always collected and supported. This helps us to avoid overloading it. The backrest must be able to be adjusted at different points of inclination.

In addition to putting it in a free position to allow rocking during moments of rest. In addition, some chairs include backrest position memory so that we do not have to adjust the chair every time. If not, it returns to its position by itself.

How Much Weight Can An Office Chair Support?

This is a very important aspect to take into account. There are office chairs that only support about 50kgs so they are only suitable for children or people with very low weight. Most quality ergonomic and operative chairs support recommended weights between 100-120 kgs. High-end office chairs can weigh up to 150 kg, such as the Keystone chair. This is an aspect that we must take into account when making our decision.

What Are The Types Of Chairs?

There are different types of office chairs according to their uses or characteristics. And not all serve the same purpose. Today we show you the differences so you know which one suits you best in each case. Depending on the position and its location, we will choose one type or another.

Types Of Chairs

Operative Chairs:

They are the most used in an office. Those used in operational workstations are known as operative chairs. That is to say, an office job in which we must carry out tasks in front of the computer. But in which they also need to move in a dynamic way. Being put to heavy use it is worth investing in a durable operating chair. Not all of them have the same functions. The simplest chairs only have basic functions such as height adjustment but no seat or headrest adjustment, for example.

Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs are those designed to adapt to us. They have all the mechanisms to regulate themselves to suit each person. They are chairs designed in every detail to take care of your health. The lower back is especially important with an S shape that picks it up at all times. Ergonomic chairs are usually more expensive but the price is amortized by their quality and their duration, which can be many years. They must have all kinds of adjustments so that each person can adjust it to their needs.

Office Armchairs:

We are talking about the highest-end office chairs since they are designed for executives or managers. In addition to quality, they are required to have a presence. That is why they are made of leather and with the best finishes, such as aluminum and injected foam. They must comply with all ergonomic standards and be designed to be used for long hours.

Gaming Chairs:

Gaming chairs are designed to play video games for many hours, So they also meet all ergonomic standards. They usually have more striking and colorful designs, adapted to a young audience. And thick injected foam for greater comfort and a more attractive presence.

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