GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair Review 2023 [Complete Information]

Having an ergonomic and comfortable chair is a priority for those who spend several hours in front of the computer, either working or playing. Many users have the option of the GTRacing gaming chairs, a brand that has managed to position itself in the market as a benchmark in quality and style. Next, we will talk a little about the GTRacing ACE gaming chair, reviewing its most important features.

When looking for a desk chair, we must choose carefully to bring home a durable, ergonomic, and adjustable model. It is important to have all the details during the selection phase to choose well since this type of product usually accompanies us for a long time. In addition, it has a direct impact on our well-being, health, and work or sports performance.

GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair Review 2023

GTRacing ACE Gaming chair

Get ready to meet one of the best gamer chairs available on the market, a model that stands out for the quality of the manufacturing materials, its high ergonomics, and maximum adjustability. These three features are the most important when choosing the best gaming chair, and the GTRacing ACE has them all.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 58 x 137 cm.
  • Load capacity: 135 Kg.
  • Reclining backrest: 90º-150º.
  • Weight: 27 Kg.
  • Adjustable height: 44-54 cm.
  • Armrests: Yes 4D (front, back, sides, and angle).
  • Wheels: Yes 5.

Characteristics Of GTRacing ACE Chair

GTRacing ACE chair

1. Material Quality:

As with any other product we buy, it is very important to bring home a gaming chair that is durable and stands up to hours of use. In general, these types of chairs become a permanent fixture in our room or workspace. They become part of our daily life, so they have to withstand the greatest possible use.

2. Structure & Frame:

Let’s start by talking about the frame or frame that gives the GTRacing ACE its shape and stability. It is a thick metal frame that is stronger and more durable than other gaming chair models. Its design is designed to avoid the risk of deformation and guarantee a comfortable and safe rest.

Likewise, the base of this chair is made of a solid and impact-resistant material that can easily support a maximum weight of 135 kg, enough for people of all sizes. The truth is that the GTRacing ACE is a chair that projects a robust and strong image, with a structure that guarantees 100% safe rest.

3. Durable Coating:

The solid metal base has been covered with a thick layer of cold-cured foam, a material that stands out for its high elasticity and antioxidant capacity. In addition, it offers a very comfortable rest thanks to its medium density, which supports the weight of the body without deforming or losing its original silhouette. In this way, both the seat and the backrest guarantee the maximum possible comfort.

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In turn, the foam has been covered with a synthetic polyurethane fabric that is very pleasant to the touch and resistant to wear. Each section has been joined with thick double seams that withstand pressure making it impossible for the material to come off. In addition, models can be found with different color combinations, such as black-white, red-black, or an elegant absolute black.

4. High Ergonomics:

Secondly, the feature most valued by gamer chair users is that they offer high ergonomics for several hours of use. With the term ergonomics, we not only refer to the comfort of the sleeping area, but also to its ability to get the body to adopt a correct posture. The ergonomics of a gaming chair depend largely on its size, freedom of movement, and the shape of the backrest and seat.

ergonomics of GTRacing ACE gaming chair

5. GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair Size:

The GTRacing ACE gaming chair has standard dimensions of 70 cm long x 58 cm wide x 137 cm high, and a total weight of 27 kilograms. These are the right measures to offer users of different complexions the comfort they need to work or play in front of the computer. In addition, it is an accessory that does not take up too much space in the room because it is not excessively large.

6. Ergonomic Seat And Backrest:

When we analyze the resting area of ​​the GTRacing ACE, we realize that it is designed for our body to maintain a correct posture. For example, the surface of the backrest is not completely straight but simulates a slight curve so that the lower back also receives the necessary support.

In addition, this chair incorporates a removable lumbar cushion and headrest cushion that maximize comfort during hours of fun. By making good use of these elements, the back, shoulders, and neck retain their natural position to reduce the discomfort caused by sitting for a long time.

Something else worth noting about this product is that the resting area has a breathable coating that does not retain heat. Thanks to this, sweating is reduced in the hottest hours of the day, which reduces discomfort.

Finally, the seat has two padded side sections that offer additional space to sit relaxed. Likewise, the armrests are also padded and a little wider than those of other chairs to give the user a larger resting area.

7. Seat Height:

The possibility of adjusting the height of the seat is very important to adapt the chair to the user’s height. The model that we are analyzing allows a seat height adjustment between 44 and 54 cm. This range of motion is ideal for positioning the seat at the correct height depending on whether the user is tall or short.

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At this point, it is good to point out that the GTRacing ACE has a class 4 metal gas piston that guarantees a smooth and safe seat height adjustment. In addition, this element also gives the chair greater comfort to cushion the weight and absorb pressure shocks.

8. Reclining The Backrest And Tilting The Seat:

The maximum adjustability of the GTRacing ACE can also be seen in its reclining backrest and tilting seat, two movements that are intended to offer you greater comfort during times of rest and relaxation. Thanks to its solid and resistant structure, the user does not run any risk when tilting the seat or reclining the backrest.

Backrest And Tilting Seat of gtracing gaming chair

On the one hand, this model allows you to recline the backrest from 90º to 150º, enough to stretch your back muscles and take a short nap during intermission. Likewise, the seat incorporates a complete tilt system with a locking function, so that the user can safely relax at the desired angle. You can also adjust the hardness of the incline according to the weight you have.

9. Maximum Adjustability:

Obviously, what we like most about a gaming chair is that it offers us many adjustment options for 100% personalized use. As no user is the same as another, these chairs incorporate adjustable sections that adapt the rest area to each person. Let’s take a look at what the GTRacing ACE has to offer in this regard.

10. Smooth Scrolling:

In addition to having an ergonomic seat, gaming chairs must have fluid mobility that allows the user to move from one place to another comfortably and get up quickly. In this sense, the GTRacing ACE has a star-shaped base with 5 pivoting wheels that give the user great ease of movement.

In addition, the wheels have a smooth and resistant coating that reduces friction, which makes mobility even easier without leaving marks on the floor or generating annoying noise. On the other hand, the rest area can rotate 360º on its own axis, which allows you to get up from the chair more freely and quickly.

11. 4D Adjustable Armrests:

Finally, a highly valued feature in gaming chairs that we also find in this model is the 4D adjustment of the armrests. Thanks to this feature, the user can make a complete adjustment of the position of the armrests, from a height of 30 cm to 38 cm. In addition, you can move them forwards and backward, sideways and at a lateral angle and even rotate them 360º.

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Having 4D adjustable armrests is a great advantage for users, especially those who are dedicated to playing video games. The adjustable armrests not only reduce discomfort in the shoulders and neck but also offer better access to the peripherals located on the gaming table, thus reducing the typical wrist ailments of gamers.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair

Advantages and Disadvantages Of GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair

So far we have made a detailed analysis of the most outstanding features of the GTRacing ACE gaming chair. Surely it has become clear to you why many users prefer this model to work and play in front of the computer. Now, it is worth making a count of the pros and cons of this model compared to other models in the GTRacing series.

Advantages Of The GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair:

One of the main advantages that we can observe in this gaming chair model is that it is made with high-quality, resistant, and durable materials. Both the reinforced frame of the seat and backrest as well as the base project a solid image that guarantees the safety of the user and extends the useful life of the entire product.

Likewise, the cold-cured foam coating offers greater elasticity and antioxidant capacity, which prolongs its duration and provides a more comfortable sensation for users of different complexions. In these respects, it outperforms other models in the same series, such as the GTPlayer or the GTPlayer with footrest.

In addition, the dimensions of the seat and back of the ACE is slightly wider than other gaming chairs of the same brand and the competition, offering a larger resting area and better adapting to larger users.

Finally, one of the most obvious advantages of the GTRacing ACE is that it has 4D adjustable armrests, a feature that we do not see in the GTPlayer and the GTPlayer with footrests. This aspect has made it one of the preferred chairs for those who work for long periods in front of the computer.

Disadvantages Of The GTRacing ACE:

Of course, not all are advantages when we talk about the GTRacing ACE gaming chair, especially for video game lovers looking for an immersive experience. While the other models incorporate speakers in the backrest connected via Bluetooth, the ACE dispenses with them and retains a more basic and traditional appearance.

Likewise, this chair does not include a footrest, an element that is also highly valued by some users. In view of the absence of these accessories, some feel that the ACE is priced above its actual value. However, the excellent quality of the materials that make it up and its 4D armrests are more than enough reasons to stay with this gaming chair model.

Conclusion On The GTRacing Ace Gaming Chair

The GTRacing ACE gaming chair is a multifunctional model that can be used to work or study in front of the computer in order to reduce the discomfort generated by adopting the same posture for several hours. Its traditional and simple design makes it one of the best options for users looking for comfort and ergonomics without attracting attention.

However, its best attribute is undoubtedly its high durability and resistance to using. This chair can become a permanent fixture in your work environment and offer you a comfortable and healthy sleeping area for many years to come.

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