How Office Chair Works? – [Explanation & Complete Details]

When it comes to the working of an office chair and specifically ergonomic chairs, it has three hydraulic chair office parts named the base, hydraulic, gas lift, and seat respectively. These three are connected to each other in a way that their relative positions or dimensions can be easily adjusted manually using the levers or buttons installed on the bottom of the hydraulic office chair.

It is an established fact that chairs play a very important role in making desk work easier for a person. And this role of ergonomic office chairs is evident from their adjustable and highly comfortable nature. Everybody can adjust their height, posture, and seat position in accordance with their body shape and structure.

However, before you get an office chair for yourself, knowing about its working is necessary for you. It helps you find out whether the chair meets your requirements or not. If you previously don’t have knowledge about office chair working, the discussion given below will enable you to get awareness about it.

Explanation & Working Mechanism Of The Parts Of An Office Chair:

The Hydraulic Lift System:

The major working part of an office chair is its hydraulic lift system. It is the hydraulic lift that allows you to enhance or reduce the height of a chair as per the length of your legs.

One may be curious about how the hydraulic system works. The working of the gas lift in an office chair is very simple and easy to understand. There is a cylinder fixed or installed in between the base and seat of an office chair. This cylinder controls the height adjustment.

The gas filled in the hydraulic cylinder is nitrogen. Moreover, the cylinder contains a rod that moves up or down and thus making the height adjustment possible. The working mechanism of the lift cylinder is based on the compression and expansion of nitrogen gas.

If you want to decrease the height of your office chair, you can simply pull the lever and put your weight on the chair in order to press it. Thus, nitrogen gas gets compressed and then you can release the lever. The height chair will get fixed to the point where you released the lever.

However, when you need to increase the height, you have to pull the lever without putting any weight on the chair. The compressed gas will expand, thus, increasing the height of the chair by pushing the piston up. This is how the hydraulic lift system of an office chair works.

The Chair Seat:

The seat of a chair, as we know, is the place where you sit. The modern and systematic structure of office chairs is also a factor that makes these chairs more and more comfortable. The seat consists of different parts that collectively add comfort to your sitting on the chair.

office chair with wheels

Base Of The Seat:

The base of the chair seat can be explained as the exact place where you sit on the chair. This is designed in a way that it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable that saves you effectively from tiredness.

The more padding of the chair is soft, the better you feel while sitting on it. The width or size of the pad also matters a lot. Therefore, you should always prefer a large-sized and softer pad when selecting an office chair.


Armrests play a vital role when it comes to the comfort and easiness of sitting. Without having armrests on your chair, sitting for long hours in front of the computer will cause tiredness and stress in your muscles arms, and shoulders.

And the best position for armrests is to keep them at a height equal to that of your computer table. So, don’t forget to consider this factor while adjusting the chair position and dimensions.

Neck Support:

The neck support is needed specifically when you are tired of keeping a straight posture, especially in your neck region. Neck support eliminated the stress on your neck and helps you feel relaxed.

neck support on office chairs

The size, material, and shape of the neck support also make a difference. So, be selective in choosing the neck support and the one that is compatible with your body posture.


The backrest is one of the most important parts of an office chair. It is a backrest that saves your back from getting tired, stiff, and achy. Apart from the material, the position of the backrest is also worth considering thing.

The backrest lever allows you to change the position or height of the backrest. And you can change them in accordance with your body shape. In this way, you can save yourself from back pain you had to face otherwise.

The Base:

The base of all types ls of office chairs is most commonly five-armed.  And the shape of the base has a close similarity to that of a star. The end of each arm of these chairs has either a caste or a wheel. It is up to you which one of them you choose.

As far as the material of chairs or casters is concerned, you may either go for plastic made or metal made products. However, it is always better to prefer metal because of its durability.

tall base on a office chair


For the users of office chairs, having some knowledge about office chair functions and related parts is very important. It selects the chair that will fulfill all their needs and will keep them energetic, fresh, and relaxed.

If you are having any trouble understanding the mechanism of the working of an office chair, don’t worry about it. This article will resolve the issue by helping you understand the hydraulic chair lift mechanism as well as the working and purpose of all related parts of an office chair.

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