How To Improve Your Gaming Setup? – [Complete Visual Guide]

Gaming is one of the passions that most people have growing up and even as they grow older. If you spend more than just a few hours in your gaming room, you must be an enthusiast. A gaming setup makes a huge impact on how you feel and your performance. Do you wonder how to improve your gaming setup and make it more mess-free?

Your space is a part of your personality, and its appearance reflects how you feel. The more clutter-free, the more you want to spend time in space. If you are looking to upgrade your gaming space, look no further. Moving forward, we will let you know some of our tips to improve your gaming setup. Let’s get started!

Tips On How to Improve Your Gaming Setup:

If you put your money into a gaming setup, it culminates in exceptional performance. Most people think it is not necessary to invest in a gaming setup. However, it depends on the time you invest in a gaming chair. We suggest having a tidy gaming space, further enhancing your experience and efficiency. Here is what you need to do to improve your gaming setup:

1. Invest In Bulk Items First:

Good gaming accessories for a gaming setup play a crucial role. However, it is essential to get the basics in place first. By bulk items, we mean investing in a good quality gaming chair, table, and a PC by bulk items. If you have a particular space for your gaming setup, it is good to take measurements first.

A gaming table must fit the space nicely and have ample storage for your gaming accessories. You do not have to invest in a super expensive and fancy table. A durable table with ample storage and a clean design would do fine.

While we agree that a gaming chair adds to the look of your space, ergonomic style and durability are must-have features. While you would spend the most time in a gaming chair, it is crucial to ensure it has an ample backrest, headrest, handrest, back cushioning, and adjustable components.

Lastly, you must invest most of your budget in a computer or gaming PC. Get a good graphics card and processor capable of carrying the load of heavier games. Also, pay attention to the cooling system; it needs a traditional fan or liquid cooling system. Half of your setup is already optimized once you have bulk items in place.

2. Adjust Cords:

If you have a great gaming setup, but it looks messy, you would not feel good about it. Neatness is something you must pay attention to when building your gaming space. Dangling cords do not look great, but sadly you have to deal with them anyways.

In a professional setup, numerous cords are hanging around everywhere. You can tug away some cords behind the desk and use zip ties to bundle them together. If you know how to do a little bit of electronic work, you can neatly attach them to the wall.

Also, you can use a container to store all the cords when not in use. Trust us, dealing with the cords and tucking them away can make your space look a thousand times better.

3. Add Monitor And Headphone Stand:

Are you looking for cheap things to make to improve your gaming setup? Well, you can make your gaming space look aesthetic on a budget. Adding a monitor and headphone stand can make your area look so much more pleasing to watch. There are a lot of cute gaming accessories available quickly that you can invest in. On the other hand, adding storage items for your accessories on the table keeps them from getting lost.

4. Spend On A Gaming Controller:

If you are not a keyboard warrior and like to play leaned back on the chair, the controller will be your best friend. Numerous controllers are available in the market ranging from $20 to $200 and even more. However, you can also use your Xbox controllers if they are compatible with your PC.

It is great to have a fun gaming night with friends and get your competitive spirits high. Also, you will feel much better when you have a controller in hand as it gives you more control.

4. Keyboard And Projector:

The keyboard is an essential part of your gaming setup as you need to be a keyboard warrior to ace gaming. With time, there are a lot of different kinds of keyboards surfacing in the market that you can invest in. If you are fed up dealing with so many cords already, you can invest in a wireless keyboard.


You also get light-up keyboards that look incredibly cool and go precisely with the gaming vibe. However, they could be a little expensive. If you have the budget and seriously want to alleviate the aesthetics of the gaming space, light-up and cordless keyboards are the best.

6. Mood Lighting:

Gaming is a mood, and you need to be into it thoroughly to have a mind-blowing experience. If you know anything about interior design, you must know that lighting is one of the most crucial things. If the lighting is perfect, you get into a gaming mindset and get your competitive spirits up.

Nowadays, RGB lights are flooding the market, and you can quickly get them anywhere. You can get lights with funky and neon options to add more character to the gaming space. Add a side lamp to make the space brighter; everything adds up in making your gaming experience more personalized.

7. Add Aspects Of Nature:

Sitting in front of the computer for a more extended period can be taxing for your mind. You may enjoy the whole experience, but you feel tired sitting at the same spot after a while. However, making your gaming setup a little brighter and aesthetic can make you enjoy your time spent there.

Throwing in a few plants, especially if a window near your desk, can instantly make the gaming setup more appealing. You get a feeling of freshness and being outdoors. On the other hand, you can also add fake plants and colorful paintings above your desk for a brighter look.

Benefits Of Having A Good Gaming Setup:

Some people may contemplate spending money on a gaming setup. Why bear extra expenses when you can go to a gaming arcade? There are a few benefits of good gaming space that you may not be aware of.

gaming setup

Here are some:

1. Perfect Relaxation:

Nowadays, people have time on their hands after work to relax. Netflix and watching documentaries can become boring sometimes. If you love gaming, then having a gaming setup feels nothing short of an arcade. In the confines of your home, you can have a good time on your PC.

One of the benefits of gaming is that it keeps your brain engaged at all times. It is an activity that also makes your brain sharper. Hence, you can relax yet keep your brain engaged simultaneously.

2. More Family Time:

A gaming space and an aesthetic setup encourage more gaming time. You can ask your siblings or parents to join you for a game quickly. It promotes more quality time with family and healthy competition. Even when you have guests, you would not have to do much to keep them entertained. You can simply ask them to play games with you.

3. Save Money:

People all over the world spend lots of money on entertainment. Once you leave your house to go somewhere, you know you will spend more than you think. Hence, a gaming setup can indirectly help you save money. When you are at home playing games, you barely spend any money. The most you would spend on is a drink or popcorn if you like to snack while playing.


Many people take gaming seriously and have turned it into a profession. If you are addicted to gaming, you must consider spending some money on your setup. In this article, we answered to improve your gaming setup step-by-step. All the tips we have mentioned above are pretty doable.

If you are running low on budget, you can write what you need and make a priority list. Save up a little each month and buy one or two things at a time. Eventually, you will have a good gaming space where you can relax after a long day of hard work.

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