What is the Knob On The Bottom of Office Chair? – Guide

Primarily the tilt tension knob is fitted under the office chair in order to provide you with tilt, height, seat angle, and back height as well as seat depth adjustment in accordance with your requirements.

By adjusting the position and shape of your chair with the help of the respective knob under it, you can make the time you spend on a desk full of comfort and ease. By doing this, not only you can get rid of the tiredness you have to face in your cumbersome routine work, but also your performance at your work also increases remarkably.

Hence we can not deny the importance of the office chair tilt tension knob and other similar knobs on the bottom of your office chair. The people using office chairs with such knobs are not commonly aware of the use of these knobs. However, those using these chairs for the first time may not know why these knobs are there. Here are five different kinds of office chair knobs and the detail about their functioning.

5 Kinds Of Office Chair Knobs:

1. Height Adjustment Knob:

Before going into details about different kinds of office chair knobs, it must be kept in mind that it’s not necessary for your chair to have all these types of knobs. Your office chair might have some of these knobs and not all of them. The height adjustment knob is one of the most significant parts of an office chair. As the name shows, this knob is used for the purpose of adjusting the height of a chair in accordance with the height of your legs.

The absence of this knob can be a cause of huge discomfort for you. Because, if the height of the chair is not compatible with the height of your legs, sitting on such a chair for hours can cause restlessness and even pain in your legs. The process of adjusting the height is very simple. If you want to lower the height of the chair, what you have to do is pull the respective knob and exert pressure on the chair by sitting on it.

When it reaches your desired height, then leave the knob and the chair will get fixed at this height. If you want to increase the height, then pull the knob without putting pressure on the chair. In this way, you can get the desired height of your office chair.

2. Tilt Tension Knob:

An office chair without any flexibility or reclining features can make your back get tired soon. Therefore, the majority of the office chairs have a tilt tension knob installed on their bottom side.

Tilt Tension Knob

The primary purpose of this knob is to allow you to enable the reclining feature of your office chair. In other words, we can say that the tilt tension knob allows you to increase or decrease the tension in your chair.

The tilt tension or reclining feature of the chairs is helpful when you want to have some break from the work and relax the muscles of your back. You can adjust the tension of your chair by considering the plus and negative markings on the knob.

A question may arise here on how to locate the title tension knob. You can easily locate this knob as it is a big round-shaped knob on the bottom of your chair towards the front. However, it can also be located on either of the two sides.

3. Seat Angle Adjustment Knob:

Apart from all other factors, seat angle also matters a lot when it comes to determining your comfort level while sitting at your working desk. Adjustment of sitting angle as per your body posture adds more ease to your sitting.

The mechanism of the angle adjustment knob working is very easy to understand. All that seat angle adjustment does is either lowering or lift up either of the seat sides (front and back).

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If you rotate the knob in a clockwise direction, then it is the front side of the seat that will get lowered. However, if you go for anticlockwise rotation, then it is the backside of the seat that will descend. So, keeping in view this simple mechanism, you can easily adjust your sitting angle as per your need.

4. Backrest Position Adjustment Knob:

Backrest Position Adjustment Knob

Sometimes you may observe that height, angle, tilt, and other related factors are all set, but still, you may feel uncomfortable while sitting on your office chair. The most probable reason in such cases can be the incorrect position or location of the backrest of your chair.

If the backrest of your chair is either at a higher or a lower position with respect to your back, then it may cause uneasiness for you. In order to adjust it, you need to loosen the knob first. Then you may press the backrest down or pull it up keeping in view your need and comfort.

5. Seat Depth Adjustment Knob:

A seat depth adjustment knob, though you will not find it in every office chair, it is necessary as it helps in keeping the blood circulation in your legs normal. Using this knob, you can move the seat inward or outward depending upon your need.

Normally, the seat depth should be set such that your knee doesn’t touch the seat as it can be problematic for your legs.

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When it comes to office work and especially desk work, you can not be good at your work until or unless you have a comfortable office chair. Not having a comfortable office chair can make you feel tired within no time. Therefore, you need to be aware of each office chair knob under the seat that controls the tilt tension, angle adjustment, depth adjustment, and similar other factors.

If you are new to all this and don’t know about the knobs of office chairs, stop worrying about it. This article provides you with complete guidance on how to adjust tilted tension on the office chairs and other similar dimensional adjustments as mentioned earlier in this article.

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