What Chair Does Ninja Use For Gaming? – [Complete Details]

The gaming chair ninja uses nowadays for his gaming is the Maxnomic dominator chair, being one of the leading products of Need4seat. Though he has been using many other gaming chair brands, now he has shifted to the Maxnomic dominator model. So, we may also term it as Maxnomic ninja chair.

It is a well-established fact that the interest of people in gaming and especially that of youth is increasing at an exponential rate. With this much increasing gaming trends, the demand for gaming equipment and particularly gaming chairs is also enhancing the same way.

The majority of the people interested in gaming seem to be concerned about what gaming chairs pros use. This article is going to provide one of the best gaming chair options to them and that is Ninja’s gaming chair. To give you a clearer idea about the Maxnomic dominator chair, the details including the pros and cons of this chair are also illustrated in this article.

Before we get started with the features and other details of the chair, it would be better to discuss the first Ninja.

Brief Introduction Of Ninja:

Ninja Blevins can be introduced as an American-based, professional, and highly skilled gaming expert and streamer having a wonderful experience in gaming.  Though he had started gaming a long time ago he professionally entered this field in 2019. It was when he started through Halo 3.

Ninja and his Gaming Chair

After that, he sharpened his skills and joined a lot of gaming platforms including Twitch TV. At the same time, he switched to many different games including the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds as well as H1Z1.

The enhanced expertise and experience of the ninja led him to be one of the top-notch gaming streamers having millions of followers on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

What Makes Ninja’s Gaming Chair Best?

Here are some key features and pros of Ninja’s gaming chair that make this chair a highly preferable option for gaming players and experts.

Posture Adjustment:

The major thing that attracts the attention of users is the facility of adjusting body posture while sitting on this gaming chair. The parts of this chair are made such that they can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of one’s body posture.

For instance, a reclining facility provides you with enough relaxing posture that you can take a rest or pause while sitting on it. The extent to which this chair can be reclined is up to 49 degrees. You can also tilt the chair in up to five different positions which adds to the comfort level and credibility of this chair.

Gaming Chairs

Moreover, you can also have some tea or other drinkables while sitting on it. So, you need not worry about having some tea or eatables while using this chair.

Back Support System:

When it comes to the health of your back, this chair is well equipped with a modern back support system. The back or lumbar support cushions are adjustable and you can increase and decrease the pressure keeping in view your comfort level.

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As we know that sitting for long hours on a chair can have bad effects on the health of your backbone, but the advanced back support system of this chair decreases the chances of back bone-related problems considerably.

Strength Of Base:

You may have noticed that some of the chairs or even gaming chairs have a problem of a weak base or a base made up of unreliable material. Which may result in the breaking of chairs too early.

However, in the case of the Maxnomic dominator chair, you need to worry in this regard. As it comes with a base made up of aluminum. And we know that aluminum is not only durable but also a lightweight metal. So, having a Ninja gaming chair can help you overcome the problems regarding the base of chairs.

comfortable gaming chair with arm rest

Advanced Armrests:

Sitting on a chair for long hours without armrests can have bad effects on your shoulder and other nearby muscles. You will be glad to know that Ninja’s gaming chair comes with modern 4D armrests.

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You can adjust the height, length, and other measurements of these armrests up to the extent you want them to be. The special feature of this chair is an additional facility of finger rests. Armrests and finger rest collectively play a major role in keeping your shoulders, arms, and hands free from tiredness.


As mentioned earlier that aluminum is used in making the metallic parts of the chair which itself is highly durable and resistant to corrosion and etc. This means that you need not worry about the durability of this chair. And the good news is that the brand of this chair provides you with a warranty of two years.


As far as the price of this chair is concerned, you can get it for $500. However, if you go for customization, then it may cost you $600 to $700 as per your customization requirements.

ninja's gaming chair

Some Of The Disadvantages Of Ninja’s Chair:

  • A bright color range that everyone may not like.
  • A little bit pricey as compared to other competitors.


For those who are curious about finding out what gaming chair ninjas use, this article provides sufficient information to get the knowledge about the gaming chair ninja uses, along with the specifications of this chair.

Additionally, if you are looking for a professional gaming chair, Ninja’s gaming chair or Maxnomic dominator chair is a worth considering option. Keeping in view the pros and cons of this product of NeedforSeat, you may easily decide whether it would be a great option for him or not. And hopefully, the answer would be yes.

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