What Are The Reasons To Use A Chair Mat? – [Complete Info]

A home office needs to be taken care of. It is a place where you spend many hours and a desk chair mat is an element that helps the home office always present the best image and you feel comfortable in it. It is necessary to keep the floor undamaged by wear and tear and stain-free. An office mat protects the surface by using an ergonomic chair with wheels or legs, or by using a gaming or traditional one.

A hard floor will develop scratches and cracks over time if it is not protected. In a soft one, the wheels get stuck in a carpet and damage the fibers. Especially with the swivel casters, which can tear up the carpet or rug. For the floor to have a longer useful life, a protective mat prevents damage, in addition to facilitating movement because you can move the chair without problems or risks for the surface, with the possibility of moving quickly to pick up something that you do not have at hand. With a non-slip coating, you ensure a greater grip to work at home more easily.

What Is An Office Chair Mat?

chair mat.pngA chair mat is placed under the wheels or legs of the chair and protects the floor from scratches, indentations, chafing or any type of damage such as liquid spillage, especially when it comes to parquet. It is an easy-to-install mat. It is a floor protector for office chairs.

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There are different models with different materials and thicknesses to adapt to the characteristics of where it should be placed, whether it is on a hard surface or on top of a rug or carpet. They are designed so that the floor is in the best condition with the passage of time and the use of the home office.

Reasons To Put A Floor Protector For Chairs:

A protection mat for wood, tiles, or carpet provides benefits for the person who works at home and wants to keep the place where they carry out their professional tasks in perfect condition, as well as being able to share it for leisure time too.

Protect The Soil:

One of the main advantages of a chair mat is the protection it provides to the floor, whatever the material. It prevents scratches from occurring and the surface from being damaged.

It also prevents stains from being produced on the floor due to the spillage of some liquid, as well as protecting it from sharp objects that may fall on the surface, such as scissors; or an object that weighs and leaves a permanent mark.

Promotes Movement:

During a working day you move to achieve a correct body posture, you get up and sit down during breaks or to reach an object that you do not have at hand. If the surface on which the chair is located is not suitable, or the wheels are not in good condition, the ability to move is difficult. On the other hand, a chair mat allows all movements to be carried out in an agile and effortless way.

Anti-Slip Capacity:

It allows the chair to be more attached to the ground and have a greater grip, without making any movement that you do not want. Its design means that the wheels are supported and do not move, so there is no slipping while you perform tasks at the desk.

Acts As Acoustic Insulation:

Noise is one of the most annoying aspects when you work from home and share a home with other people. A floor protection mat absorbs noise, both from outside and inside. Reduce discomfort so as not to lose concentration.

It also eliminates the sound that the wheels of the chair make when moving or that of the legs. It is an effective element to not disturb when you get up and feel if there are other people in the home.

Protects From Static Electricity:

Static electricity discharges occur in workplaces where there are carpets or rugs on the floor, electronic devices, and foot traffic.

Chair Mat


In a home office, they can occur and a wheelchair mat has antistatic characteristics so that these discharges do not occur, which could damage any device with which you work and that you have connected, such as the computer, the monitor, the printer, or the mobile phone being charged.

Made With Resistant Material:

The materials with which it can be composed are diverse, from fibers to vinyl, wood, polyurethane, or PVC. It is a resistant object that ensures its durability and that of the surface on which it is located and protected. The weight that is on top does not affect its properties and they are not altered by changes in temperature inside the home.

Easy To Install And Clean:

Its installation is not expensive at all. You just have to put the chair on it. When you decide to clean it, the work involved is minimal because using a damp cloth and going over it is enough to remove any dirt that may be there. You can also use a mop and vacuum over it.

Decorative Element:

In addition to its troubleshooting functions, it is also a decorative piece. The variety of existing models makes it possible to choose the one that best suits your needs and the size it has to occupy in the work area.

To this is added aesthetics, to configure an adequate environment for productivity, concentration, and creativity to reign. The designs, colors, and materials make it possible to combine them with the rest of the room.

How To Choose A Protective Floor Mat For A Chair?

There are things to consider when deciding to buy a wheelchair mat for your home office. Determine where you are going to place it and how often you will use it. The criteria for choosing a protective floor mat are primarily to prevent damage when the wheels or feet move.


In this way, you protect the surface on which it is located from being worn. It is easy to find the one that best suits your needs because there are a wide variety of models. You can even configure it in the style of your home office to integrate it into the decoration.

Soil Type:

The first step in choosing the best home office chair mat is the surface it will be placed on. If the floor is hard, such as wood, parquet, laminate, or tiles, it is advisable for the mat to have a smooth base, be thin and have straight edges, in order to prevent it from moving.

If it is placed on a soft surface such as a carpet or a rug, it must have small strips so that it is well applied and does not damage the fabrics. In that case, it will be thicker, similar to that of the carpet or rug.


Before deciding, check the space you have and take measurements. The size will depend on the area you want to cover, the one you use to move the office chair. Check the dimensions of the width of the desk and the base of the chair.


In general, protective floor mats have a rectangular shape. There are also those with a lip, with an edge to extend under the table; round, oval, and even triangular.


Meterial Of Floor ProtectorThe materials with which they are composed are of various kinds and qualities, such as wood, plastic, polyurethane, vinyl, glass, bamboo, sisal, or jute. You have them with different textures.


The range of colors and shades is wide. You also have them transparent and printed. Choose to your liking and take the opportunity to combine them with the decorative features of the home office.


A relevant aspect to buy rugs for under a chair with wheels or without them is the price. In the market, you find amounts of all kinds, which vary according to the quality and material of the mat.

The wooden ones are the most expensive, while the cheapest are the vinyl ones. Carry out a study of what you need and take into account the budget you have so that it fits your needs and the economic expense you want to assume.

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