Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 Gaming Chair Review [Detailed Info]

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are going to spend many hours sitting in front of the screen is to think that any chair will do. If you care about your back, invest time and money in a good chair because you will appreciate it.

We tested the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series, a gaming chair that aims high. Do not be confused that it is aimed at gamers, because it is a high-performance chair for intensive use, whether playing games or performing other tasks.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 Review

Secretlab Titan Evo

Pros And Cons Of Secretlab Titan Evo 2023

  • very robust structure
  • High adjustability
  • Material quality
  • Removable cervical cushion
  • Suitable for people with back problems
  • It is not a cheap chair
  • Learning curve
  • can be firm

Design And Material:

The shape and materials leave no room for doubt: this is an ambitious gaming chair and it shows. In fact, it has impressed us both at first glance and after heavy use. It is even striking for its large size, and we have tried the regular model (there is another XL).

An Immersive Racing Design:

That it is gaming is evident by its shapes, in the style of a racing seat, but it is not particularly aggressive. In addition, as the fabric of this model is marbled gray, it would not clash in a work office.

Even the box and its contents are impressive, both in the dimensions and the quality of the content. It seems silly, but the fact that the assembly tools are included and that they are robust is appreciated. Of course, it is also heavy: it will be great to have someone to carry the box and assemble it.

Why A Racing Design? 

If you’re a gamer as we are, you’ll know that being still and sitting in the chair while you play is a utopia: you’re tense, and you bend over. You can even jump! Anything to get the victory.

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This more or less involuntary movement can take its toll on our back if it is repeated continuously and frequently, but with this enveloping shape, the chair minimizes bad posture by “forcing” us to be straight.

For All Heights And Weights:

However, it also has its disadvantage: if we are broad-shouldered people, it may not fit our constitution properly. But that has an easy solution: you can always choose another size. In our case we have tried the Regular model (people up to 189 cm and 100 kg) and we have had plenty of space, but you can always choose another size:

  • The small version is recommended for people up to 169 cm and 90 kg in weight.
  • The XL version supports up to 180 kg and is 205 cm in height.

We like that the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series is available in 3 sizes because that’s a chair for everyone, whether you’re a slim person to a stocky six-footer (and everything in between).

A recommendation: mount it in the room you use to play or work, because it is so bulky that, at least in our case, it does not fit through the door.

This is a chair that feels very robust and resistant, at least in the weeks that we have had the opportunity to test it. Despite that good feeling of security that it gives while we are sitting, we did not like that, when tilting it back, it makes noise.

secretlab titan evo 2022

Premium Materials And Strength:

Nor has it suffered any apparent wear in this time, despite using it for 8 hours of work and the games afterward. We know that the moment of truth is the passage of time, but there is an ace up our sleeve: an extended 5-year warranty that gives us peace of mind in the event of possible manufacturing defects.

Where the Secretlab Titan doesn’t make noise is when it glides: its 5 polyurethane wheels are larger than usual for a more fluid movement with less effort. They also have a reinforcement that improves their sliding. These wheels are fixed to a strong aluminum structure, proof that you put your feet without fear.

The structure is made of robust steel that gives the chair great solidity and consistency. We have not appreciated looseness or strange creaks that cause fear for the structure. Of course, we have already warned you before: it weighs its own, although once assembled you can carry it with the wheels.

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Although we conclude that it is a resistant chair and proof of large people, taking into account that it is a model that aims high, we miss that the piston is Class 5, but we will have to settle for a Class 4, usually in gaming chairs. mid-range.

The model we have tested is upholstered with Software Plus fabric. It’s a dense fabric, yet it’s more breathable than leather or polyurethane versions—it always helps if you work or play in a cool room, though. In its favor, it also has that it is resistant to wear, soft, and looks very attractive.

If you like chairs with body and firmness, this may be your ideal model. And it is that its filling is compact, with a lot of body, which means that it does not deform with the weight, maintaining a uniform and balanced structure. Against it, for our taste, it is a bit hard.

An extra detail that reinforces the premium experience of the chair. Look at the back of the seat because there you will find a black tag with NFC. If you bring your mobile closer, your device will take you directly to the manufacturer’s website, an original way to ensure that you are dealing with an original model.

Surprising In Ergonomics:

We have loved the customization options it offers:

  • With 3 types of materials to choose between synthetic leather, leather, and the Secretlab Software Plus.
  • Different colors, motifs, and even special editions like Overwatch.

You may not be able to afford to order a bespoke chair with upholstery to your liking, but with the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series range, you are sure to find a configuration that will drive you crazy. We liked ours very much, it is sober and elegant but with a casual touch.

In a good chair for intensive use, some elements of comfort and ergonomics cannot be missing, and in this model, we already anticipate that both the design and the materials used have pleasantly surprised us:

  • Its armrests are a marvel: with a solid metal structure, they integrate a 4-dimensional adjustment mechanism that works smoothly. To highlight, its foam coating is softer and more comfortable.
  • cushion to rest your head that looks like a pillow because of how soft and fluffy it is. The best? You can take it off and put it on in no time as it “sticks” like a fridge magnet.
  • Although it does not have a lumbar cushion, the backrest itself has an original and very intuitive adjustment system for the curvature means of two wheels arranged on each side.

In conclusion, this gaming chair is above average in adjustment and customization options. Likewise, its materials stand out for their quality, the design is thought out in detail and the finishes are well cared for.

Quick And Easy Assembly:

Let’s start at the beginning: as usual, the chair comes completely disassembled. However, the assembly is quite affordable (even if you are not a handyman) and in the box, you will find all the necessary tools and screws. We also want to highlight the quality of the Philips screwdriver and the included Allen key.

Approximately half an hour is enough time to assemble all the parts and place the trims to have them ready. In the cardboard that comes as soon as you open the box, you will see the steps with quite descriptive photos to carry it out. Although it is a robust chair, we recommend that you leave a piece of plastic on the floor and mount it on top of it so as not to damage or scratch the different elements.


It is not essential but it is good to have the help of someone to insert the backrest in the seat guides and fix the piston mechanism in the seat.

Adjustments And Ergonomics:

Anyone who has tried a few offices and gaming chairs will know that, although the latter are conspicuous for their comfort, the former is the most suitable for achieving good posture. For us, the strong point of this chair is precisely its balance between comfort and ergonomics.

Of course, take your time to find the ideal settings for your back and for your comfort, because it’s worth it. I confess that when I changed my office chair (the one I use every day) for this one, I had a hard time hitting the key.

At first, it was stiff and somewhat uncomfortable, but after a while of playing with the different possible options, I ended up finding a point where it was quite comfortable. Of course, I have to admit that it took me a couple of days to get it completely.

In this sense, having so many adjustment options has its good side and its not-so-good side:

  • The learning curve is considerable for a chair.
  • Its multiple options make it ideal even if you have back problems.

Looking For The Neutral Posture?

secretlab titan evo best for Neutral Posture

The ideal posture in a chair is to stand directly in front of the screen, with your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, and forming two right angles: that of your thighs with your calves and that of your legs with your hips. I will tell you how my process was:

Once you have assembled the chair and placed it in your professional or gaming setup, adjust the height. The lever to do so is comfortable thanks to its lines and generous size. In addition, the path of the gas piston is short and smooth.

The back must be straight and in a neutral posture, which represents a challenge since each back is a world. Secretlab has opted for a rather straight backrest with integrated lumbar support that you can adjust height and volume with two wheels, one on each side.

The camber adjustment mechanism also works smoothly and very slowly, which in practice means many intermediate steps to gain precision. The good thing is that even if you have a broken back, this chair has weapons to help you sit well.

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Although this option to regulate the curvature is very innovative, in our opinion it is difficult to find the ideal configuration, resulting in a somewhat forced posture if you do not modulate it well. In this sense, and if you have a healthy back, you may prefer the classic cushion that you can remove.

Also, some people prefer to be completely upright, but others prefer to be slightly inclined. With this chair, you have a wide range of inclination from 85 degrees to 165, ideal for watching a movie or taking a nap. Adjust it without fear and use the lever to lock it so it doesn’t move.

A Chair Also To Relax:

Rest moments are also important when you are sitting down, whether you are working or playing. If you choose to recline to rest, the shape of the backrest will envelop you. However, in our opinion, it is a bit harsh.

In that case, the headrest cushion will come in handy, much softer than the backrest itself. Be careful, it is not only used to relax: it is a magnificent reinforcement to keep your head up.

The armrests of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series take the cake: we find them outstanding in design, materials, and adjustability.

  • If you want to grab on and fidget with your hands, they are thick and padded.
  • They have a premium metal mechanism that is resistant to intensive use, silent, and precise.
  • They allow adjustment in height, angle, forward/back, and sideways.

Finally, it is common that throughout the hours you also play with your feet and even move around: with its wheels you will be able to do it smoothly and with hardly any noise.

In short: it is not an easy chair to configure, but it is difficult to find a gaming chair on the market that cares so much about ergonomics.


The Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series is an ambitious gaming chair and it shows. It is not a cheap chair, but it is the price to pay for a model with top-quality materials, robust mechanisms that work smoothly, and the latest innovations to improve ergonomics and comfort.

In this sense, the Secretlab chair has been designed to offer high performance against prolonged intensive use over time. And this is a factor to take into account: the numbers may not work out for you if you are an occasional gamer, but if you are going to spend a lot of time sitting down and are looking for high adjustability, it is an investment that will pay off.

In general, both gaming and office chairs offer a series of adjustments, such as height, seat tilt, armrests, and back reinforcements, but the adjustment options and mechanisms differ.

One of its strengths is that it is available in 3 sizes and in different finishes and screen printing. While the second is fundamentally a matter of taste, the first allows you to buy a chair that adjusts to your weight and height, something that the Secretlab Omega 2020 chair also meets.

Both Secretlab chairs share many virtues, but the veteran of the Omega compared to the Titan Evo 2023 series is noticeable, since its structure is somewhat simpler and for the back, it is limited to the classic removable lumbar and cervical cushions compared to the innovative adjustable back of the analyzed model.

All in all, betting on the 2020 model is a good option to get a mid-high range chair also with 4D armrests and the same inclination, saving some money. And an extra that is often overlooked but that you will appreciate if you are going to use it a lot: both have an extended 5-year warranty.

The Noblechairs Hero is another ambitious gaming chair that competes from you with you in terms of good design, materials, and high adjustability. Its armrests are also adjustable in 4 dimensions, but it leans less and does not have the adjustment of the back, sticking to the removable cushions. This commitment to conservatism is noticeable in the price, slightly lower.

The Razer Enki X is a premium chair that stands out for the quality of its materials and its design. This is a premium chair in terms of finishes and sturdiness, but it falls short of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series in adjustability: its integrated lumbar support isn’t as customizable, it tilts less, and its armrests only adjust in 2D.

The Corsair T3 Rush is a high-end gaming chair that shares many of the strengths of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series for roughly half the price, though it lacks the innovative back adjustment. Thus, its armrests are 4D and it is tiltable, in this case until it is horizontal. Both chairs support up to 120 kg, but in case you need an extra, remember that the Secretlab chair has an XL version.

More modest is the VALK Nyx, a chair that stands out for its value for money. It does not have the back adjustment, it does not support as much weight and its armrests are not as complete. Also, its materials are great but they are not up to the finishes of the Secretlab. It is an option to consider if you do not have back problems and prefer a cheaper chair.

Technical Sheet Of Secretlab Titan Evo 2023

Secretlab Titan Evo series 2023
Back Reclining from 85 to 165 degrees
Cushions Viscoelastic foam magnetic neck brace
armrests Adjustable 4D Cloudswap
recommended maximum weight S: 90kg
Regular: 100kg
XL: 80 to 180kg
recommended maximum height S: 169 cm
Regular: up to 189 cm
XL: 181 to 205 cm
Dimensions and weight S: 83.5cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 38cm (H); 33.5kg
Regular: 85cm (L) x 72cm (W) x 38cm (H); 34.5kg
XL: 88cm(L) x 78cm(W) ​​x 38cm(H); 37.5kg
What comes in the box Chair, manual, assembly tools (Allen key, hex and reversible Philips screwdriver)
Warranty 5 year extended
launch price See price

Conclusion on the Secretlab Titan Evo 2023:

Probably one of the questions you ask yourself as a potential buyer of a chair has to do with the price difference. Why are there models for less than 100 euros and others that exceed 1,000? 

The concept of expensive or cheap is subjective, but if you are looking for a well-designed chair, with high adjustability and you have in mind to spend a lot, a lot of time on it, you will see the options on the market are reduced and prices go up.

At approximately the midpoint is this Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 series which, although it is by no means a cheap chair, does have a competent price for its features.

What we liked the most and probably its most differential feature is its adjustability: it is not an office chair –whose high range usually shines in ergonomics–, but within gaming, it excels in adjustment options. And it is that its adjustability is such that it even has three versions depending on your complexion.

secretlab titan evo

From here on, it has all the adjustments that you can expect in a chair and even an innovation that opens the door so that even people with back problems can use it with a guarantee that it will not deteriorate further: its curvature mechanism, adjustable in height and volume.

For us, its armrests deserve special mention, with 4-dimensional adjustment and padding that is extremely comfortable. You will be surprised to know that there are high-end chairs that neglect these details, leaving rigid and straight armrests.

The materials have pleasantly surprised us. It is true that it is not leather – a classic premium material – and that it does not help breathability, but they are robust and resistant to wear and tear. Having so many settings, and making them work smoothly and quietly is important. And they do.

In all honesty, we’ve only tried it for a few weeks, so it would be bad news if it was already rubbing or making noises, but we’ve forced it to tickle it. All in all, you have a 5-year extended warranty.

From our point of view, this is a somewhat firm chair and you should spend a little time adjusting it according to your complexion, anatomical characteristics, and tastes. But if you do, you will discover that you are well seated and that you are also comfortable.

The premise is clear: this chair is designed so that everyone can use it, but it is not a chair for everyone and not everyone is willing to make the investment. Of course, it is a master purchase if you are looking for a durable model that can fit like a glove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Difference Between The 2020 Titan And The 2023 Titan Evo?

The main differences between the Titan 2020 and the Titan EVO 2023 lie in the recommended height and weight. While the Titan 2020 was recommended for people up to 200 centimeters tall and supported a maximum of 130 kilos, the Titan Evo 2023 goes up to 205 centimeters and supports up to 180 kilos of weight.

In addition to that, the Titan EVO 2023 has three size options to adapt much better to each person, while the Titan 2020 is a single chair recommended for people between 175 and 200 centimeters tall. The Titan EVO 2023 adds three sizes that expand its target audience, which can be between 150 and 205 centimeters, making it a friendlier chair for all types of people.

In addition, the Titan EVO has interchangeable armrests in its materials, a very significant improvement that maximizes comfort and is perfectly complemented by the lumbar and cervical cushions to achieve extreme comfort and premium quality.

Is Buying The Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 Gaming Chair Worth It?

Secretlab’s Titan EVO 2023 series is the company’s magnum opus. The SoftWeave Plus fabric version is arguably an almost perfect chair for any form of productivity, not just gaming.

It is admirable that the company has invested so much in R&D, even having assembled an independent Ergonomics Advisory Council made up of experts and academics from various fields to work with their engineers. It is not an easy feat and, although seven years have passed since the founding of the company to reach this point, the end result is spectacular.

However, this chair is not particularly cheap, although this is a relative word. How is comfort and quality of life assessed? Yes, the price is slightly higher than the Omega 2000 and some may find it too much, but with all the features and improvements of the Titan EOV 2023, the strange thing is that it doesn’t cost more. Without a doubt, a very successful purchase that your back and neck will appreciate.

Is It Recommended For Older People?

Yes. The great thing about the 2023 Titan EVO is that it comes in three different sizes: Small, Regular and XL. The latter is aimed at people who measure between 181 and 205 centimeters and supports up to 180 kilos of weight, with a wide and very comfortable seat. Whatever your body is, this chair will always be perfect for you.

For Whom It Is?

The Titan EVO gaming chair is for all types of people, as it adapts to all body types with its three sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are 150 centimeters or more than two meters tall, or if you weigh 45 or 175 kilos, because you will always find a chair for you within this series.

In addition, comfort is guaranteed and the premium materials will be noticeable at the first sitting. If you are looking for a large, robust, and very comfortable chair to park in front of your desk and unleash all your productivity working, studying, or enjoying your leisure time, the Titan EVO 2023 is for you.

Does The Titan Evo 2023 Have An Adjustable Backrest?

Yes. The backrest of the Titan EVO chair can be adjusted up to an angle of 165º, which gives you superior comfort at any angle to work, play or watch movies and series.

Are The Cushions Included?

The Titan EVO 2023 series includes two cushions: a lumbar cushion and a cervical cushion. The lumbar cushion can be raised or lowered and the amount of support can also be controlled. This improvement makes it a much more comfortable and useful support, especially if it is a chair that will be used by several people.

As for the cervical cushion, it has a more elegant design and is adjusted by means of magnets, which gives it a much more discreet aesthetic. In addition, it is made with dense memory foam, which applies a little pressure to the neck to help maintain a natural and comfortable posture, avoiding long-term injuries and muscle pain.

Is The Base Solid And Stable?

Yes. The seat of the Titan EVO 2023 chair has a curve towards the center that helps you adopt a natural and healthy posture without limiting your movements when sitting. In addition, the shape of this seat facilitates natural movements, such as crossing the legs, so you can sit as you prefer without sacrificing comfort.

As for the base, the Titan EVO 2023 series boasts excellent stability and durability. This is due to a solid base with specially designed aluminum wheels with the strength and durability to match. Each base is tuned for the perfect weight-to-balance ratio, and for outstanding stability, it has been reinforced with additional steel ribs that enhance the integrity of the entire structure.

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