What To Do With Old Office Chairs? – [Complete Details]

Throwing away an old office chair is unimaginable for many people. However, when you are fortunate enough to be receiving a new office chair, your old chair may still make a difference in someone else’s life. Donated furniture may be used to outfit shelters for victims of domestic violence, schools and community centers in developing nations, and temporary housing facilities for service members and the needy.

However, before you give or sell your old office chairs, there are a few things you should be aware of. Do you intend to redesign your workspace? If so, what are your plans for the old furniture?

There must be a robust system in place for reusing or disposing of old chairs and furniture. Chairs are among the most-used pieces of office furniture, and as such, they endure a great deal of wear and strain. This article will discuss what to do with old office chairs and more!

Are Old Office Chairs Useless?

Many individuals ask about this issue, believing that obsolete office chairs serve no value. They end up tossing the chairs away without even considering other possibilities, just dumping them in a trash or waste yard.

That is very definitely not what to do with old office chairs. If you know what you’re doing with old chairs, they may be beneficial. Office chairs include a variety of waste materials that may be utilized for various purposes.

Old Office Chairs

You may believe that your old office chairs are obsolete and merely take up space in your office storage, but this is not the case. There are still several lucrative possibilities if you wish to get rid of them.

Next time your finance budget has a surplus that can be spent on new chairs, make sure you’re the one taking care of the old chairs since they can bring in a lot of money or be used in a creative approach.

When Does An Office Chair Become Old?

So, when does your office chair reach the point that it is no longer valid for anything other than sitting? Various factors may influence your decision to recycle or replace your office chairs and relocate them to a storage facility.

  • No More Space Left for Excessive Chairs – The chance exists that you will not have enough space in your warehouse or office to accommodate the chairs, and in that case, you will be required to remove them from the workplace as well.
  • Chairs Are Worn Out – If the chairs you’ve been using have become almost useless as a result of their wear and tear, you may want to dispose of them in a creative manner that would net you and your colleagues a nice supper or some pocket money in exchange for them.
  • The Office is Getting New Chairs – When your bosses are too generous and provide you with new office chairs, it seems natural that you would want to resell or otherwise repurpose the old chairs to earn a profit or create something useful out of them. That’s when you may need to recycle your old chairs.

Things To Do With The Old Office Chairs:

The following are some of the best things you can do with your old office chairs:

Old Office Chairs

Make A DIY Art-Piece:

The old office chairs and the parts make for another fantastic project if you work in a creative office where art is a passion. When you work in an inventive office where art is a passion, we’ve got another great project that you can fully finish with the old office chairs and the parts of these chairs.

You may disassemble the chairs and utilize the wood, cushions, steel, and plastic, as well as paints and other materials, to create a DIY art piece that will improve the aesthetics of your workplace while also making use of the chairs and removing them from the workspace.

It will be time-consuming and challenging, but it will be well worth your while if you are prepared to put out the work.

Distribute For Free Among Needy:

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless individuals all over the globe who do not even have a place to sit. Even in your area, you’re likely to come across many homeless persons. Providing the chairs at no expense will be of great assistance to the organization.

With the chairs, you’ll have to move them about and hand them out to everyone in need or who is unfortunate. Your generosity will be rewarded with a warm heart and a warm sensation of goodwill since you did the right thing. As a result, those seats will be put to good use.

Put Them Up For Ads:

Things happen because of the internet. No matter what you want to sell, there are open-source websites where you may find everything you need to purchase and sell at a reasonable price. Furthermore, websites like Craigslist, OLX, and others are accessible from anywhere globally.

You’ll want to put up advertisements for the old chairs and include a reasonable price as well as the chair’s specifications and contact information.

Soon enough, you’ll receive a call or two from interested buyers with whom you can negotiate and ensure that your chairs are in good hands while earning a few extra dollars.

Give Them for Recycling:

Office chairs are made out of various components that may be utilized for recycling and a variety of other purposes. If you have no other purpose for your old chairs and want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, you may also go this path and drop them off at a recycling facility.

Typically, you would contact a recycling facility to dispose of your waste. Then they’ll come to your office and remove the old chairs, sometimes even paying you a small fee, before leaving with the chairs, ensuring that they don’t end up in the landfill and that they are used for environmentally friendly productive purposes, providing you with a small amount of relief as well.

Sell Them to New Tenants:

If you’re thinking of moving out of your current office space and into a new area with a different design and a better furniture layout in mind, utilizing your current office chairs will not cut it.

Instead, you’ll want to get rid of your old chairs and replace them with new ones that are more comfortable. There’s a genuine risk that new tenants will be coming into the office space you’ll be leaving, so be prepared for that.

That being the case, you may contact them and learn about their furniture requirements. If your chairs meet those requirements, you can sell the chairs for a reasonable price, making everyone pleased in the process. As a result, this will be a fantastic concept.

Reupholstering The Chairs For Usage:

It’s possible that your firm isn’t earning a lot of money and you can’t afford to buy new seats for your staff. You’ll have to be a bit more planned and imaginative in such a scenario and maybe even employ a carpenter.

reupholster a chair

You’ll want to get the old chairs reupholstered, which entails changing the cushions inside and the exterior leather and skin to give the chair a pleasant sitting experience and an appealing new appearance. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of money on new seats, and your office’s appearance will not be harmed.

Selling Them To Thrift Stores:

If the chairs at your workplace aren’t vintage-styled, they’re generally not going to sell in an antique shop. As a result, leave that option out of the equation. However, another storage option is available to you – the thrift shop.

All you have to do is call a thrift shop in your local office area, tell them about the chairs, agree on a price, and then sell the chairs to the thrift store, and you’ll have some extra money from the old chairs that you can use to throw a small party for your coworkers or something. After that, you’ll be the workplace hero.

Donate Them To Charity!

Old office chairs may not seem helpful to you, but believe me when I say that many people throughout the globe lack even a suitable sitting place. There are various organizations out there that may be assisting shelters for the poor and homeless in providing them with a way of life.

For peace of mind and inner happiness, contact one of many charitable organizations and give the old chairs to them. This will assist you in getting rid of the chairs while also bringing happiness to the faces of persons suffering from social and financial troubles. So, consider this possibility.

The Bottom Line:

The ideas mentioned above and methods show that using office chairs may be convenient. Therefore, make sure you utilize them to recycle or resale your chairs for a good return. We hope you learned a lot from this post and that you will handle this issue gracefully. Ultimately, have a fantastic time enjoying the benefits of repurposing your old office chairs.

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